[] The Deathguard Crew vs Crucible

Videos speak for themselves. Tried 3 different characters geared with Deathguard set with an attempt to squeeze as much as i could out of them. After several trials i found that these setups are the best possible. Feel free to criticize, come with better suggestions, improvements etc.

First contestant, good old Deathguard Reaper ->
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZw4eonN (green version) - SS Spec

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRkOKxN (green version) - Abom Spec

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV93zj6N (purple version) - Abom Spec

Second contestant, the almighty Deathguard Dervish -> https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXjq9BV

And lastly, the third contestant, inspired from @sir_spanksalot 's Nefarious Nipple, the Deathguard Oppressor -> https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2EwponZ

Hope you guys will enjoy watching these builds in action and ofc I hope you will like them :smiley: .


New video added. DG Reaper full purple, abomination spec :D.

Some of these specs have suspicously high DA and dangerous level of tankiness!

Decent results (great even), I have tried Deathguard Dervish before those new rings of whirling op-ness and it was a very inconsistent ~6:45-7 minute build. That was also before damage reduction proc was added to Yugol.

I can’t comment on the builds (too lazy :stuck_out_tongue:), but I can only suggest that you write a bit about those specs, i.e. how consistent they are (in your hands and in hands of an average player in your opinion), how hard they are to pilot, are those the absolute best runs that you have posted and what would be the average timer and what would be consistency/average timer with an affordable spec, etc. etc.

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I tested deathguard dervish with 2x deathguard Blades, it was 6 minutes spec but super duper squishy.

Then I replaced 1 of the blade with contagion offhand. It’s still 6 minutes but much more tankier due to almost permanent Ascension… :rofl:

So, the secret is to use offhand. 1 handed shadow striking ftw!! :rofl:


I am a lazy ass myself when it comes to writing down and explaining builds, that’s on first hand, on the second, i know most of you guys are far more experienced than me in terms of builds, playstyle, piloting, mechanics and such, thus why i dont really bother, but i will try to right down some stuff. The DA is mostly just what it is, ghe tankyness on the other hand is more related to sustain. There are several forms of sustain to your attacks and some dmg reduced forms. I guess that helps.

I dare you to make a caster oppressor deathguard oppressor around contagion :rofl:

New video added on Green version Abomination spec. Best time i ever had with this build! :smiley:

This tempts curiosity on book breaker, Zantai’s hidden god build.

100% vit to cold with speaker (and belt ) seems the obvious choice for interacting with SS. Morg set pieces convert lightning to cold making trozan’s better. Clearly this is part of Zantai’s secret agenda!