[] Ultos 2H Primal Strike Vindicator speed of light approved


I have to admit,that I play SR extremely rare,so this build haven’t been tested there.But I can try it and see if I can beat SR75.

Savagery,one can build full Savagery and use PS as nuke with massive CD,but Vindicator don’t have enough skill points,Conjurer maybe.

As for rings,maybe.X1 and John have different ideas than mine,but I suspect the difference is really small.

Just testet conjurer specs and found that https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m23JADEN optimal.
Tried some devotions routes, glyphs and korvaak’s medal.
In crucible I really don’t see the difference in dmg. ALL test were between 6.15-6.45. I even tried spec Spear+Empirion(for dmg reduction) without crown/revenant, and it also showed ~6.25
Why I preffer this spec? Because it’s maximal tanky and comfortable in crucible. Also factional rings and medal easy to get.And rings are easy to buy with perfect rolls.
Really don’t see any extra dmg from glyphs, korvaak’s medal or ultos’ devo, justs ruin oa/da/resistances balance.


Three faction items John Smith, now this is a beginner friendly build!

This version looks tanky.The main problem of Conjurer compared to Vindicator is the completion rate,but you find way to correct it.

@malawiglenn ,Yes beginners build,it has full Ultos set after all.

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which is better to combine the shaman are the set of ultos, oathkeeper, occultist, inquisitor or arcanist?

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Welcome to the forum!

Without doubt first is Inquisitor.

Question is ranking afterwards,to me Occultist is second,after that Soldier and Demo.Arcanist and Oathkeeper are undesired combos for secondary mastery.

I like your vindicator, but the stun resistance seems a little low

It’s made for Crucible.In Cruci you have Ulo blessing,which increases all CC resistances,except slow.So Stun is good there.For SR or campaign you can change setup little bit to increase it.

Made some researches in SR for conjurer. MadLee advised to use Runesighned Handguards.
And this spec shows nice results in SR. I made 50%+ 75-76 runs without deathes, recorded 75-80 run with 1 death, and reached 83 SR till my GD crashed.
I also tried Cindertouch, it shows serious dmg, but less comfortable and dies more often.

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@John_Smith,that’s serious performance,well done! And it’s Conjurer and 2h on top of that :astonished:

If you have experience in this game, will you have a purifier build that uses the ulzuin set?

@Nery I apologize in advance, noob here, and first time poster. I really like this build, but I know that it is for crucible. What changes, if any, would you make to this build for someone mainly interested in campaign? Would you still pick Inquisitor as your second, or would you go with soldier? Your insight is greatly appreciated and valued.

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Welcome to the forum!

You mean if you don’t have Ultos set?

I probably will choose Inquisitor too. Easy elemental RR from Censure, seal, damage reduction, heal, racial bonus, just so many good stuff.

In next patch Termite mines are gonna be changed, so Elementalist is gonna be better, but still my top choice is Vindicator.

If you talked about Ultos build against dungeons and Nemesis in campaign, this version should suffice. For Shattered realm devotion route by John Smith with more defensive procs is more suitable.

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Thank you very much for your reply, you’re awesome!

Just ask, any change you would make after the 1.5.1 patch for this build?

Umm, I don’t think much happened for this build in terms of changes. Although I posted Elementalist with the set with different devotions and items and I like it better.

I would probably change it a bit to increase that awful attack speed. But I believe Vindicator is number one option for Ultos build!

Hello Nery, thank you a lot for all that fancy guides !
I’m new the the game (and this forum) but had a few questions about this build.

I’d like to go for a vindicator like that for my first reroll (currently completing elite with my first char) but i obviously don’t have Ultos set yet ^^’

Does it seem doable to go for it and stuff my reroll with self found/farmed gear then start farming ultos ? Maybe with more base stats through devotions and skills ? I have both extensions.

The Malagliwen warder beginner build feature some stuff that maybe could fit waiting for ultos ?
I could go for Warder but i’d really prefer Vindicator (and i totally can level with your beginner Vindicator guides - caster and ranged versions even if i want to play melee and Primal strike at the end)

Thank you again for ressources ! :wink:

Hi and welcome to the game and forum !

Vindicator is very strong class, farming the Ultos set isn’t easy task but your build will be fine even without it.

Warder have similar gear and play style. Inquisitor have elemental(lightning) resistance reduction and Soldier have some stats boost. As whole Vindicator is by far more strong and flexible class.

Thank you ! So I’ll go for Vindicator ! :wink:

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Quick change in devotions


gives +37% stun res if someone needs it

Thanks for the build btw, I’ve been reading it when in doubt

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