[] Ulzuin's Disciple - Fire Canister/Mortar Sorceress, Gladiator in ~5:30

  • Check this beautifully made art!


I haven’t seen such a sad display since Ulzuin’s betrayal,

That’s what Lokarr said, but I force him to eat his words. Actually not shockingly good results, considering I use fire damage, excellent fit for casters but also two of the strongest skills in the game.

Credit for this build to:

  • @mad_lee for his ideas and posting lightning version

  • @plasmodermic for his advises

  • @Shoot2033 for his multiple Sorc builds, including Ulzuin+Cyclone one


  • perma buffs, DPS for Stormfire

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: CLICK ME

  • Note first that build is made for Crucible balanced version. For speed running should be used Shard of Eternal Flame amulet. For SR/campaign more health is needed, like take points from spirit and and add to physique.


Key is 4 pieces of Ulzuin set, to get +2 Demo skills and leave weapon slot free. I choose to use Warpfire+Vanity classical combo for max skill points and stats. Relic is Eternity, combined with Star Pact and Vanity gives me low CD on skills. Ulzuin set lacks pierce and bleed resistances, so Pants are used to cover them.


  • Choose to use Mortars for extra support damage. 24/16 or certain times can give you extra summon. Choose to use blue gloves with cast speed and spirit bonus(weird idea). Also Ulzuin’s Chosen and Canister should definitely be maxed.


Magi and Torch are usual suspects for fire build, also decided to use Elemental Storm for flat RR, Ghoul and Bat for defense. To no fall back on stats, used Chariot.

For SR probably Giant’s Blood and Phoenix can help with defenses.


Build is have decent clear rate but still requires some skill and Sorc class is perhaps the class, which requires some experience to master it. Still dying is not common with Ghoul, Blast Shield and Mirror on top.

Times vary between 5:10 and 5:55, average around 5:30. My fastest run though is nice 5:03!


Very intesrestind devotion map! Definitely looks tankier than my Lightning Cannister sorc! My only gripe with it is not using Grim Fate. Have you tested grim fate?

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I did try it, my first few runs were faster than my first few with Warpfire but my best run was with this configuration. So performance is similar. Shard+Grim Fate might be fastest combo but big loss to skill points and defense.

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I’d pull 4 from Blast Shield and put them in Heavy Ordnance. That little 0.5m radius makes a difference against moving enemies.

Also, I know it sounds like heresy but dropping Eternity for a demo relic would net you 4th Mortar with the Mortar gloves. As well as get one other ring with some more reasonable res and stats as Canister would still be hard capped.


Thanks for the ideas. I can take fire relic and Mortar gloves, I haven’t thought about it but good idea. Or use Serenity too :wink:

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I don’t know how much %lightning contributes here, but really don’t like those rings. Another +1 to demo would help you get rid of one of them and get some solid stats in (Light’s Oath for oa and better Bats? Combustion for rr and energy with no cast speed loss?). Korvaak relic also got sweet stats. Worth testing imo even though Eternity seems set in stone.

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Mortar Competitive :open_mouth:

Insane damage.

I like it.

Good Job Nery.

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