[] Valguur Ritualist vs Crucible (3+1)

Been some time i’ve played a vitality build so i thought i gave a new set a try.
The idea behind the build is pretty straight forward, full ele to vit to make use of wind devils for more consistency, full chaos to vit to make 100% use of eldritch pact proc and rings procs for even more consistency + some chaos to vit conversion from RE mod on the amulet, rest is pretty standard. After all trials i think this set could use a bump in the future patches.
Build GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkJbwQZ

Enjoy watching!


Do you really need the Storm Totem’s transmutator if you’re already converting 100% of elemental damage into vitality damage? Would save you one point, not much but a point is a point.

For sure i dont. But red lightning looks more fancy :smiley: :D. I’m actually sad wind devils and their maelstorm isnt red too.

Don’t tell me changing the color of lightning to red is not worth 1 skill point to you.

Well at least im not the only one the has that philosophy :rofl:


Like most vit builds :frowning:

I got similar results on a classic one with classic Pandemic, Black Flame shoulders and some other rings (Cursebearer and sth, don’t remember). But tankier with Mog Pact line softcapped.

Btw with full ele to vit you should be using one Morgo ring. That proc got mighty AoE, and stats are way better. EDIT: shit, I forgot your full ele to vit comes from double Basti rings…

Valguur is having DA problems but red totems are mega cool. Although my acid Archon still have them red and I want them green there :smile:

Problem with Valguur is that those Totem mods are are kinda tricky. It gives +1 summon with neither cdr nor uptime boost. Result is you rarely see that 4th Totem without the Totem conduit, especially with such piano. And on Ritualist, no-one’s gonna give up 90 flat to RE from Soulcatcher.

True there are several spells to cast but its not that piano intensive, RE, totems and SS have 3.6 seconds cd without cdr applied, so there’s plenty of time to cast all of them. It feels more like a dot caster. I’ll also do a 4+3 just for the sake of it.