[][Vid] Ghol Set | Unstable Blight Fiend | Vitality Pet Ritualist | SR 100

One pointer Primal Spirit is a cute little kitty without claws that will get trashed by all the big bad brutes in high SR. You don’t want cute little kittys get trashed by big bad brutes, do you? :cat::hatching_chick:

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In this build one point into Primal will give 6 more so… I’ll try.

6 more also little kitty :rofl::rofl:

I’m looking at the link you provided for grim tools but I am very confused. For example, just hover over your Blight Fiend skill. Is it acid? is it vitality? what about the +X% acid/aether damage? don’t you want it to be vitality damage?

Why take an acid set for a vitality build? I don’t consider myself a newcomer and I’d say I have a good grasp of mechanics, but I am definitely not a theorycrafter or consider myself an expert on GD. Some of these choices just seem… odd. A lot of acid damage and reductions on a mainly vit build.

I’d love some elaboration to us non-experts. Cheers!

Primal Spirit at 7/12 got about 20% more health than Briarthorn at 8/16, and twice as much dmg. It’s about the strength of Eldritch Talon from Ghol set.

Ground Slam is another 1-pointer that would pay a lot of dividend here.

1.check photo Poison & Vitality Res for Primal Spirit, the Bounses very low and itself no any res, easy die by one short in SR as always.
2.skill bar no more empty for Primal Spirit

put 1 to Ground Slasm will get 6 level GS and also get 62 Taunt Value, 8 level Briarthorn HP very low easy die, I only need it provide 12% Phy res.

just kind of way for Vitality PET build fun
Conduit Amulet provide 100% Phy & Acid converted to Vit, but lost 300% equipment Acid bounses for BF and most important is 28 Reduce res on mogdrogen’s pack skill
why Vit Pet ? Because Ghol’s mark (40 Taunt Value) + Conduit Amulet (40 Taunt Value) + SR -15% Taunt res mark, which mean I can easy use BF Taunt Nemesis & Boss for Character more survival.

PS is ahead in elemental, chaos, aether. Could circle the other boxes and prove the exact opposite.

Anyway, I just disagree with the “cute little kitty” thing. I think PS is in fact the strongest pound-for-pound pet in the game.

Health and energy pots can be bound outside the skill bar.

So why not max it?

Pls put ur advise GT link here.
BTY, not only for 75-76, if 76 i can put 12 point to PS from Spectral Binding skill.

I’m just saying… In my experience better pets and more pet aggro always wins in deep SR. Especially with no Ishtak. If pets lose aggro in a critical moment in SR 100+, those 2-3k health from maxed Spectral only buy you a fraction of a second of survival. So I’d rather put more meat on Briarthorn’s bones and give him Ground Slam. But I never used that conduit. Does it pull enough aggro to Blight Fiends?

As for my gt, I only played classic Ghol, but the general principles apply here, too, I think. After some testing of my own ideas, I concluded that Sigatrev’s Gholiath is probably the best setup possible for survival. With RE changed to Ill Omen, ofc (he made it before the Ill Omen buff), and the extra points dumped in Ground Slam until Taunt.

this is Vitality PET build, so discuss content base on Vitality
Everyone know’s classic Ghol Acid PET damage better than Vitality, and I know very will which Build & Devotion for deep SR better.
u Said Ishtak, of course use Ishtak Conjurer also alredy passed SR 120
and also I have classic Ghol Ritualist already passed SR 125 without Ishtak, but I dont want share here, because need more green equipment.
The greatest pleasure is to try different build in GD

this Build not for SR100+, 100 enough because this Vitality dmg.
about Pet aggro, that’s why make this build reason
Ghol’s mark(40 Taunt Value) + Conduit amulet(40 Taunt Value) + SR -15% Taunt res mark = may half effect of Nature’s guardians or more. (Bligh Fiend 2skill also 100 Taunt Value)

A question for you: Will the resistance reduction from Mogdrogen’s Pact and the resistance reduction from Bysmiel’s Command stack? I was under the impression they wouldn’t.

No stack,point to Bysmiel’s Command because of 70%dmg 8%total speed 20%vit res bonuses to PET

Skill & Devotion Update:
1.Equipment Pants Augment can change to Ancient Armor Plate increase AR
2.Devotion Lizard can change to Hound increase AR

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Hi dude, first of all congratulate you on your great work, the contribution you make to the community is awesome, I wanted to ask you a question, from, I am following this guide [] GhOLIATH : Tank Pet Ritualist (SR 115)
I’m focused on deep shards but pets can’t stand long enough depending on the boss combination, currently my best shard is 95, I would like to try another type of pet guide or continue with this one, could you advise me? Thanks dude

thanks for your praise, if u interest deep SR I advise Conjurer will may good choice, cause character have high Phy resist for survival. almost all kind of Conjurer can pass 100, if u want more deep, this one u can try [][Vid] Beastcaller Set | Power of Beasts | Lightning Pet Conjurer | SR 120

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currently ritualist is not good for deep shards? what a disappointment :frowning: That guide that you tell me, is the most powerful to move forward to deep shards?

Whatever summon build if u want deep SR based on your game experience.
We just provide Reference resources. the actual experience depends on you

You can also try Duskdeep86’s Diviner Ritualist Build . On plus side - pets are immortal . You don’t need to keep them alive so take more care of yourself :smiley: on minus side - bad AoE.
I am personally working on that build (i’m lvl 97) and it is one of the best builds I’ve played.

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Thx dude I’ll try