[][Vid] Ghol Set | Unstable Blight Fiend | Vitality Pet Ritualist | SR 100

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4Vx75Yl2
SR 75 - 76
SR 100

If super lag to watch vedio, put Link to download watch from urlgot.

Character details:(with all buff)


Pet details:(with all buff)





Thank you for sharing your builds! I love SR and I love pet builds… :smiley_cat: Looks like I have to respec my Ritualist again… :wink:

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Thanks for support!
the other one u also can reference. 5 Ghost Vit pet Ritualist

Wait… how is it Vitality damage?

Ghol’s Mark converts all Vitality dmg on Blight Fiend to Acid + 50% of Vitality damage on Reap Spirit to Acid.

Oh… the Conduit…

So, Vitality/Acid hybrid :scream:

I was testing Generate Additional Threat equipment lately, that’s why make this build.
Ghol’s mark + Conduit + SR -15% Taunt res mark = may half effect of Nature’s guardians.
Vitatality dmg low than Acid,because many monster have high Vit res
the BF only level21 Blight Burst base 281 Vit dmg can converts to Acid.
and I dont care about Reap Spirit dmg, I use them as Meatshield

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Why no Blood Boil?

Why Blood Boil ??? it will get more Threat from monster


No, sorry, Blood Pact, the Wendigo Totem second node. It gives flat, %dmg and adcth.

5% ADH useless for PET, and Plood Pact 15s dmg will get more Threat for Character self.



Blood Pact has no DoT or threat. It’s a buff.

Ohh… I made stupid mistake, I always thought is dmg skills.
Thanks to remind!

Imho not putting one skill point into Primal Spirit is a crime :wink:


One pointer Primal Spirit is a cute little kitty without claws that will get trashed by all the big bad brutes in high SR. You don’t want cute little kittys get trashed by big bad brutes, do you? :cat::hatching_chick:

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In this build one point into Primal will give 6 more so… I’ll try.

6 more also little kitty :rofl::rofl:

I’m looking at the link you provided for grim tools but I am very confused. For example, just hover over your Blight Fiend skill. Is it acid? is it vitality? what about the +X% acid/aether damage? don’t you want it to be vitality damage?

Why take an acid set for a vitality build? I don’t consider myself a newcomer and I’d say I have a good grasp of mechanics, but I am definitely not a theorycrafter or consider myself an expert on GD. Some of these choices just seem… odd. A lot of acid damage and reductions on a mainly vit build.

I’d love some elaboration to us non-experts. Cheers!

Primal Spirit at 7/12 got about 20% more health than Briarthorn at 8/16, and twice as much dmg. It’s about the strength of Eldritch Talon from Ghol set.

Ground Slam is another 1-pointer that would pay a lot of dividend here.

1.check photo Poison & Vitality Res for Primal Spirit, the Bounses very low and itself no any res, easy die by one short in SR as always.
2.skill bar no more empty for Primal Spirit

put 1 to Ground Slasm will get 6 level GS and also get 62 Taunt Value, 8 level Briarthorn HP very low easy die, I only need it provide 12% Phy res.

just kind of way for Vitality PET build fun
Conduit Amulet provide 100% Phy & Acid converted to Vit, but lost 300% equipment Acid bounses for BF and most important is 28 Reduce res on mogdrogen’s pack skill
why Vit Pet ? Because Ghol’s mark (40 Taunt Value) + Conduit Amulet (40 Taunt Value) + SR -15% Taunt res mark, which mean I can easy use BF Taunt Nemesis & Boss for Character more survival.

PS is ahead in elemental, chaos, aether. Could circle the other boxes and prove the exact opposite.

Anyway, I just disagree with the “cute little kitty” thing. I think PS is in fact the strongest pound-for-pound pet in the game.

Health and energy pots can be bound outside the skill bar.

So why not max it?