[ -] --- Summoner --- All kind of Build Collection (Unknow time Update)

Conjurer - | SR 120 | Beastcaller Set | Lightning - | SR 100 | Bysmiel Set | Elemental -| SR 100 | Beastcaller & Ghol Set | Acid & Bleeding | Cloud | None Set | Fire - | Lost Souls & Beastcaller Set | Vitality | Cloud | Beastcaller Set | Lightning & Bleeding | Cloud | Lost Souls Set | Fire | Cloud | Beastcaller Set | Cold | Cloud | Beastcaller Set | Bleeding

Ritualist | SR 100 | Ghol Set | Vitality - | SR 100 | Diviner Set | Vitality | Cloud | Ghol Set | Acid - | Cloud | None Set | Vitality - | Cloud | Ghol Set | Acid

Cabalist - | SR 100 | Bysmiel Set + Ghol 3 | Elemental | Cloud | Lost souls Set + Bysmiel 3 | Vitality & Elemental | Cloud | Bysmiel Set | Elemental | Cloud | Lost Souls Set | Lightning | Cloud | Lost Souls Set | Acid - | Cloud | None Set | Vitality - | Cloud | Lost Souls Set | Vitality | Cloud | Bysmiel Set | Elemental

Druid | Cloud | Beastcaller Set | Elemental Dot

Elementalist | Cloud | Beastcaller Set | Chaos

Trickster | Cloud | Ghol + Winter King Set | Acid & Cold

6 Likes Video Guide for Summoner beginner build

You are really fast with the new pet builds!!
Thank you very much for it !!

What is your favorit?

Fastest SR 75 :slight_smile: ?

Best for cruci with buff?

I find it very hard to judge how resilent pet builds are ?
That is why I need to ask after every build you post :wink:

I still recommend classical Lightning & Elemental Conjurer can fast Farming SR 76, cause no need special green equipment,
and other new 1160 build need good green equipment. but all these Build farming SR 75 - 76 around 10 - 15m

But now beastcaller is stronger then Bymiel after Bird nerfs ?

I think so, Beastcaller Survival much higher than Bysmiel Set

A suggestion for you to think about, as you are testing these quite rapidly:

There might be some potential with Lost souls + Blood Orb off-hand + BoneScavenger gloves + MI Belt (Lunal Val) + 2x spiritbinder rings + Primal instinct.

You get a big flat acid conversion and with 150%/100% elemental conversion offset for ~60% elemental -> vit conversion, with the rest chaos.

That large flat vit from acid might make an impact on offense on both skeletons and swarmlings. The Blightfiend would have full convert. Birds and Hellhounds would see some reduction in effectiveness due to conversion losses.

I dont think is good idea, First Cabalist Vitality reduce is not enough. Second Pet damage low

check GT as u said equipment without devotion


Nice to see all your builds in one place! I remember you were writing you passed 125sr with acid ghol ritualist, could you post GT for this build?

I was theorycrafting some bleeding/acid hybrid conjurer:

It has nice damage but the problem is taunting monsters, everything is going for me like mad, almost 0 focus on pets. I had no this problem with typical elemental conjurer or acid ghol. Do you know any solution for it? I’ve killed Ravager in ~3 min but he was chasing me almost all the time, it could be something around 2min maybe if not this.

v1160 already much enhance SR monster, now hard to deep. that Ghol build need more green and not for the public players.
check this will better or not. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZwjmPlV

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Thank you for correcting build! I will check it later. You can send me build in priv message but if you want to keep it private then no problem :grinning:

How patch enhanced monsters? I didn’t see anything in patch notes. Some hidden buffs?

Yes, hidden buffs.
based on feedback from many friends, also test myself SR 75-76 will slow 1 - 1.5m(some stonger build may cant feel it. but in 100 - 120 will feel it much), monster damage & HP or DA get increased
and GT SR monster datebase still is v1125

Interesting. I think you have some modder in community who can check database and compare formulas with 1.1.6 and before? Or let’s call @Zantai

We may can check it , but cant compare, cause not keep 1152 datebase.

Lol, go ahead, cause we didn’t make any changes.


Thanks for fast respond Mr Z!

@Duskdeep86 Well, Zantai responded. Maybe just some builds used were nerfed or just sr rng nature.

Then I will tell them and find some reason why feel it buffs

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What do you recommend using decent and good HC (tough and durable) compatible AFKish skelly (i know they are fragile) build? :slight_smile: Is it exist or i have to wait and hoping for Zantai gonna buff them in future patch(es)? :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

This 2 build no need good green item. and have 20K HP will more safe.
I have HC Elemental Conjurer & Elemental Druid now. - | SR 100 | Bysmiel Set | Elemental | SR 100 | Beastcaller Set | Acid & Bleeding

Thank you very much for your effort but you have avoided my “SKELLY” word. :blush:

I need skeleton build, i like them :slight_smile: