[ -] Beastcaller Set | Bleeding insects | Pet Conjurer | Cloud Build


Total Pet base Bleeding damage 532 over 3 seconds(max values) modifiers increase by Item, deovtion, skill

Battle Pets quantity:2 Briarthorn + 1 Primal Spirit + 3 Eldritch Webweaver + 5 Swarmling

Note:Pet Elemental、Poison、Pierce、Bleeding resist not full cause GT not show Pet 、Component Aura & BOD effect

Bleeding resist reduce:Curse of Frailty 50% + Swarn 20% + Huntress 32% + Weapon 24 = 126%

Still need adjustment for Survival


Do you have any videos maybe? I am very curious about Bleed Pet Builds because I made 2 of them myself and I am still running experiments with different devotions and items. But then again ist never perfect right. ^^

Im going to test your version tonight at home.

this version still on testing, need change some item to increase survival.
but u can test and ajustment to see how.

only have old video 1142 Lightning & Bleeding.

I’ve been crafting a physical+bleeding pet Archon while I level her. It’s similar to your build in many ways, but with poorer stats due to not using Occultist. Instead it uses Presence of Virtue to add extra flat damage. I don’t have high hopes, but it might surprise me! The three-way synergy between Emboldening Presence, PoV and the Guardians, plus the extra mobility might make it a decent performer.


Quick question for gloves / boots?

Wouldn’t it be better to use Mythical Overlord’s Iron Grip for overall stats / damage and Mythical Fiendflesh Greaves for survival?

Thats what I thought too.

This is my version of the build: Does ist bleed?

Although I feel that, since I switched from Falcon to Oleron, I do way less damage. At first I thought it was because I never used Oleron and it was lvl 1, but now its almost maxed out and I feel no difference really.

The -% RR is actually OK, flat RR is just 16 and I could’nt find any % RR. The build is solid, but lacks in survivability. I tried Ishtak and Tree of Life too, but it feels even slower then.

Is OK,but why put point to Hellhound ?

Is for survival Mythical Footpads of the Grey Magi will more better.

1172 GT https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0aoMEZ
Ring Farming place:Bastion of Chaos NPC shop

If u worry about stun resist, u can change

this is my idea for physical/bleed pets’ Conjurer.
amulet and off-hand are obviously hard to get, probably only +2 to Summon Briarthorn are needed to cap Briarthorn at 26/16.

Your Pet Chaos resist only 30% will one short by SR GrawaThul. need change to Mender’s power. and Element resist also need more over 30%
your BD more for Physical damage. If bleeding without Sandking amulet like no souls.
the Phy damage problem is need through armor from monster,so will lost some damage.

Because I actually like it. ^^

But I changed it a little, because main dmg is Briarthorn with Speedy Catsalis anyways: Does it bleed?

I still like the Black Scourge more than Veilpiercer although it offers more flat RR.

I have a couple of those green rings too actually, some are even pretty good. I don’t know though how strong the flat bleeding dmg for pets really is. Could you ignore that almost 50 flat dmg?

Btw, why do you prefer Wildshorn Pants?