[] Ghol Set | Permanent Blight Fiend | Acid | Pet Ritualist | Cloud Build


Battle Pets quantity:2 Blight Fiend + 1 Primal Spirit + 1 Briarthorn + 1 Eldritch Talon

Note:Pet Elemental、Poison、Pierce、Bleeding resist not full cause GT not show Pet 、Component Aura & BoD effect

Acid resist reduce:Devouring Swarm 20% + Rumor 30% + Mogdrogen’s Pact 28 + Talon Aura 10% = 98%



Hello, first time posting here. I have been following your pet builds and am loving them!
Can this Ghol set pet build be modified to kill Crate of Entertainment? Thanks!

If want to kill Crate may need some adjustment!

Do we have to move points from blight fiend to reap spirit instead to reduce aoe? I’m not sure :thinking:

I didnt put point to Unstable Anomaly for Blight Fiend and Reap Spirit cause many player not like Piano finger build.

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