[] Fire Pet | Conjurer | Cloud Build


Battle Pets quantity:1 Primal Spirit + 1 Familiar + 1 Harbinger + 5 Swarmling

Note:Pet Elmental 、 Poison、Pierce、Bleeding resist not full cause GT not show Pet 、Component Aura & BOD effect



Note:If u want Summon level 26 Familiar for 5 storm orb, just change Shoulders, and when u summon finish change back to green Shoulders.


How about this for a Fire build? The Flame Touched bonuses on the rings make it somewhat simple to get to 22/12. Only green affix needed is “Of the Wild” on the belt - granted, it’s a hard affix to get, but getting the +1 to Demo to get that last Flame Touched point is important enough to be worth it.

Fire Beastcaller’s Elementalist

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Good idea! new way for fun. but Primal Spirit is main Dps and have long CD & not max level.
U can do some test between Shield & Green off hand for farming SR 76.

Edit: green Off hand

this build no ER, this is a bit of a hassle

The best way to solve the Energy problem is to go with Tree of Life. It won’t be as flashy as Mogdrogen’s, but it gives the Elementalist a second source of healing to supplement Wendigo Totem.

Fire Elementalist - Ishtak + Tree of Life

1.Pet damage low, no AOE, Farming slow.
2.Pet HP low, Elemental Chaos resist not enough will easy die by SR AOE damage.
3.Character OA 2600 not enough for Glove