1.1.5 blue items celebration post! - 7:18 Crucible BM with epic+magic items only

All those talks about how new epic items are underwhelming got our Rocky boy very upset. So here is a 7:18 min 151-170 run with armored mutator on a single RR build. 11 blue items + 3 magic MIs.

<<< Grimtools >>> (not updated yet)
Biggest things coming from 1.1.4 to 1.1.5 are cold conversion on the chest and craftable swords (75%+ total) and +1 all skills to the belt.
edit: that OA is permanent btw


It’s a little hard to explore the items without Grimtools updated but once it will be - you will discover some very interesting things for your builds among the epics. Big part of them can make their way into nogreen endgame builds. Not only it’s good for breaching the gaps between builds performance, it’s also a good incentive to grind a bit and get the best rolled epics for your builds. Because now it’s worth it.

Real rhapsody in blue, well done! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Seriously, not an easy task to complete Crucible without legendary items.

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Awesome @banana_peel! Congrats on the accomplishment and it’s good to see Rocky BM can be made different ways. :+1:


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I love your choice of belt (and that it got a tweak in 1.1.5).Crucible or not, that makes you a hero in my eyes. More playstyle and less spreadsheet walling.

I’ve always liked that hot/cold belt.

Edit: I was also pleasantly surprised to see reasonably obtainable affixes on the greens. That’s not to say that getting a useful prefix/affix combo drop will be a breeze, though.

Impressive display.


I’d use beronath amulet but it’s no longer with us. Shoulders and pants - are taken mainly for LA. Other than that, i see better affixes on those items every Crucible session. I took the bare minimum that fits the build stat-wise.

Damn. That’s better than many fully built specs out there. Nice!

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