[] Ghol the Winter King - Cold/Acid Pet Trickster

Back in AoM I had a Winter King hybrid pet Trickster, built largely along the lines thepowerofmediocrity took here [v1.0.5.0] Hybrid Pet Build Series - Winter King Showcase [Trickster, Ritualist]

Discussion regarding Winter King items and being told Winter King tricksters suck inspired me to dust the character off and update him for FG.

Here is the unoptimized result that is 75 SR capable but not going to be speed running any crucibles (This is still a pet trickster at the end of the day).


The character is a hybrid in the loosest sense of the word. Instead of standing back from the action like most summoners, a Trickster Summoner needs to get into the thick of things to get Wendigo totems down for pet sustain and to apply the hefty cold RR from Veil of Shadows/Night’s Chill for your pets which have been converted 100% from physical to cold damage. Night’s Chill is doing double duty on acid reduction and that is where the Ghol’s set comes in. More acid pets ,more resist reduction both general and acid based, and some more flat damage modifiers for pets to go with the Winter King flat damage modifiers.

While you are standing in the thick of things you can do some wet noodle damage swinging away with Savagery and Ring of Steel to apply buffs to yourself and fumble debuff to enemies. But honestly your Briathorn, Manticore, Chillmane, Eldritch Talon, 3 Webweavers, and 5 Swarmlings are your damage. Your big job is to not be dead. Between being just shy of 50% physical resist, 25% dodge, the silly sustain of Wendigo Totem, the fumble from Circle of Slaughter, and Pneumatic Burst you can take a decent amount of punishment. Decent meaning feel free to face tank a Kupacabra in the blood pools with your pets or Fabius and a Benjar at the same time but you might not want to be the filling of a Reaper and an Iron Maiden sandwich. If you have played a Ritualist summoner or any Trickster with Wendigo Totem before same song and dance here, just a different dancer with the addition of a whole lot of pets as backup dancers.

As I noted in the patch note thread I am still baffled as to why between the 2 Winter King items I have 150% converted lightning to cold for pets with no lightning pets in a cold Trickster pet set up. At least 50% of that could probably have been better allocated to fire to cold conversion so that the Swarmlings work with Trickster cold pets better.