[] The Lone Avenger - Deathmarked based, Cold RF Dervish

Sure, but I personally think it’s not worth the extra buttons. Because morgoneth is no deathmarked that give a lot of skill point to WPS. If shadow strike focus, I like to just bind it to LMB button and teleporting around.

Yes, nex n ortus is not that good for shadow strike build. The swords just give nice skill points and good procs. Making a nightblade that is not acid and cold (also in some case vitality PB) is super difficult.


hi i am very interested in your build…can u please give a detail guide on your build? which skills to level first?

You cannot do this build from levelling because it is a conversion build. You need the conduit amulet to make it work, which is only available at lv 94.

You can however level it as acid dervish as it will be easier with double RR from both masteries. I suggest follow @Stupid_Dragon guide here:

It is an acid autoattacker dervish, the gameplay will be quite similar but with different devo.