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Shattered Realm

SR 85

SR 75 & 76 NEW VIDEO


CR 150 170 by Slev1n


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Celestial Lokarr

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Special thanks: Safarel, ArchHeretic, mad_lee, KoS9K and Ricardi0

I also want to thank all Safarel Discord Community



Stun Res in game doesn’t match Grimtools because items have been crafted for Stun Res

I was just looking for a MH build oh wow

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Nice one! I will include this in my budget guide :slight_smile:

@Matias perhaps you wanna have a look at my guide?

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I was actually just looking for a build, not a guide, but thanks anyway! @malawiglenn

Nice build, Omnitrio!

I was playing in SR with AAR and Mage Hunter is really resilient class. So AAR in different flavors, lightning, aether, chaos and fiah :fire:

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Yeah, I tried to make a fire AAR sorcerer work for quite a while, but it feels like an orange dancing on a katana. Very colourful – and very dead. :sweat_smile:

But I think that the Justiciar set deos a lot of the heavy lifting here, too – defensively speaking, I mean. It was the only thing that made abovementioned sorcerer able to consistently survive crucible 170 (clear times went down to like 10 minutes, however; and I won’t even start with SR :confused: )

Why did you go for the full set instead of using Aetherreach gloves, though, @omnitrio? Is it due to Burning Justice working better whilst kiting? Because that flat dmg on Aetherreach does look very juicy (kind of like an orange – damn do I want an orange now…:tangerine: :drooling_face: :tangerine:)


My mage Hunter will come back in game, need to do this ! wOw

Very nice graphic presentation too !

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TNX) Now I’m “GrimToolsing” Lighting version of MH
You’d be so kind to give me yours GT <3

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I use full set because it’s have proc to 12% Total Speed
Which is very useful if I have mutator for Total Slow or Cast Speed Slow
Also this proc have some damage too
And it is terribly hard to cap (also a little bit overcap) Resistes and gloves give a lot of Piercing Res

I was playing chaos version and was able to beat SR 75 with defensive procs, went to Ishtak and DG. I was theorycraft somewhere fire AAR, but don’t have GT.

Look forward to see your tweaks of lightning version, maybe even aether AAR, although good old Binder is solid competition.

Ah, right, the %total speed – totally forgot about that one in my calculations, probably due to the pulsing shard of celerity I’m using on that ridiculously hulked-out spec of mine :smile:

That makes sense…

And the damage loss on AAR might be pretty marginal on a more defefense-oriented SR build like yours anyays (my theorycrafting is still more centered on Crucible-stomping dps machines)

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Hi there,
i am really interested in this build and i managed to get almost every item.
But i am not able to get your devotion-tree. There is always something missing…
Chaos: 1 from Crossroads, 2 from Viper, 3 from Jackal and 1 from Solaels Witchblade. Thats 7 but for Revenant & Ulzuins Torch you need at least 8. I dont see any other active constallation, which give me another chaos point.
It would be really nice, if somebody here can enlighten me…

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You need take some devotions and then skip them

  • First off all you’ll take Viper - Jackal - Sailor’s Guid - Quill - Scholar’s Light - Hawk - Solael’s Witchblade - Oklaine’s Lantern

  • Than Wraith - Solemn Watcher - Aldarah’s Phoenix - Skip Wraith

  • Take Bat - Revenantn - Skip Bat

  • Take Ulziun’s Touch


A little bit complicated to skill this way but it worked. Thanks for your help.

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This build is the sister to my and Norzan’s build! If they played together, unstoppable! Clear time looks lower but the inquisitor seal +aura of censure makes it a lot safer vs. certain kinds of enemies. Very interesting.

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Build Update

Omni if you ever want to make a video in multiplayer with the 2 fire AAR builds hit me up.

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no problem
after x-mas holidays
go go go

Added new video Crucible 150-170

BiG ThAnKs @Slev1n