[] The pain of Hyrian - fun elemental shielded Mage Hunter caster

  • The multiple damage types of Pain :stuck_out_tongue:


I wanted to do build with the new Hyrian shiedl but also wanted to try Words of Pain. So why not mix them together?

I use Hyrian shield with Hyrian devotion, mixed with purple/green devo route known as ‘‘Cronley crawler’’ and generally using multiple AoE spells at same time.


  • pic with permanent buffs, standing on Inquisitor Seal. DPS for Chain Lightning

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZeR6zXN

Main idea is to have multiple procs&skills with big range draining the health out of the enemies. Pain with points invested in Agony is great at clearing trash mobs, also Hyrian skill is AoE, although doing low damage. Aether Corruption is nice spread, damage is low but extra OA and reliable devotion procer are valuable enough.


Build don’t have set pieces but most of the gear is here to support Word of Pain. That includes Amulet(faction blueprint), purple medal, also pants, shoulders and nice MI weapon farmed from Bargoll. Unlike the Living ring, I used dreamy affixes on that mace.

Chest is very good defensively. Extra physical and other resistances are always useful. Let’s not forget the valuable skill bonuses and % elemental damage as well.

Relic is Ignaffar for - RR proc. This is good relic for builds with limited amounts of RR.

Boots are for slow resistance. Option is Final March. Belt is Inquisitor one. Not sure if the Arcanoweave with +1 to both classes is better, I doubt it.

  • Crafts are with physique


I use Seekers+Seru procs, also Elemental Storm for flat RR. Ghoul and Bat are as always your best friends for sustain. Spider and Wolverine gives affinity points and also provides stats.


Put Seal underneath your feet, hit 1,2,3 once, spam them Chain Lightnings, use Hyrian granted skill occasionally. If you are in trouble, activate your Mirror skill.


As usual my test range is Crucible. So surprisingly build is durable and not that slow. My biggest problems are bad mutators and enemies resistant to 2 different elements. Maiden is very slow for example.

My times vary a lot, around 6:35 - 6:40 average time I guess. Video from my fastest run - 6:03!


I really dislike the lack of Nullification! To the Cronley Lair with you!


Here is how I would improve it. I think Storm Box would definitely improve your build since you don’t really have a lot of buttons/spells to begin with and spend a lot of points on useless stuff like overcapping Elemental Balance and Overload.



my favourite skill in the whole game! How can you not use it!


Nullification can be useful, although I am pretty bad at timing it :sweat_smile:

No need for Storm Box, build is piano enough.

Bonus hashtage #DieCronleyDie

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I actually would suggest to use whatever affixes you find, cause the mod very good. There’s lightning weapon for WoP but I don’t think it fits the theme. As legendary option, I would suggest Mythical Spelldrinker.

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Hey Nery, nice work as usual. This is what i’ve been working on with the shield - going full meme with lightning horn of gandarr. It’s a bit slower but tanky af https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQkElXV

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

Mage Hunter is usually tanky class, with Censure, Seal, Maiven, Mirror and Renewal for healing. You have quite the arsenal.

Horn of Gandalf is truly meme skill, I can put it on 0.8 sec CD with all the extra damage boost and still won’t do anything. :smile:

But it’s AoE damage and I am sure it will be cool lookin visually fun build.

Thanks a lot, but i’m not new, i just now got around to make an acount LUL. And yeah, it is a very fun build to play :slight_smile:

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I am dying to get that shield man… that, stormrend, and phasebreaker

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i didn’t see much builds using the new weapons so congrats on that one :wink:
i wondered if you gdstashed the weapon or is it a legit drop ? if the latter it’s really a nice find as these weapons are really a total pain to farm.

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Actually there are tests with new gear, but it’s up to builders if they are happy with the results and want to post them.

Everything is GD stashed I am afraid. Although I have found Stormrend from monster totems. Maybe should do a streak of totems farming and report the results. :thinking:

It’s interesting if you can combine the Gun&Shield in one build. Maybe will test them together with beautiful Bonemonger.

I also like the proc of new 2H aether weapon. Plus Oppressor is very tanky class.

OK, got it. It’s logical to assume if you’re new to the forum, you’re new or returning player. But now I know you know what you are doing :slightly_smiling_face:

I can recommend trying Infiltrator with Rimetongue set and Blade trap too.

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I was thinking the same about the gun and Shield. Also wondering if there’s a way to convert Primal Strike damage to Elemental, and if that’s possible, using Stormrend with the shield on an elemental warder or if it even makes sense, elemental shaman/oathkeeper… would rely on a LOT of conversions and be janky as hell but Primal Strike AND that Shield is really attractive, thunderbolts crashing down and elemental blast waves rushing out, especially if you can get all that conversion… Lots of AoE, might be great for aggressive devotion procs… same with the gun since it punctures through targets.

I’m in no rush to roll these legendaries man, that’s part of the fun- not having the gear yet. It’s like each chest at the end of a crucible or SR run is a pack of Magic the gathering cards. You open the chest, and who knows what mythic you might get! And what rares and uncommon!

I approach it like a TCG. Once I have all the cards, it’s a bit less exciting for me and I feel a bit less encouraged to push on and keep playing, unless I have some fun peeps to play with.

So I am savoring this period where I have not collected a single of the new legendaries yet. I think that’s what really draws me to play HC. It’s like busting open all those packs again, building a new collection! Very fun!

i finally got a Phasebreaker! Havent been able to use it yet but its sitting there for the right time!

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Nice, congrats!

I was trying to make Tactician with Phasebreaker+full blue Luminari set but OA and damage looks depressing. Maybe can try the same concept as Mage Hunter. I haven’t seen ranged MH yet.

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Mage Hunter seems like a no brainer for that idea, Arcanist elemental buffs and all. Hot damn, I would love to know how that turns out! With Hyrian’s Bulwark, would be an interesting setup on a Mage Hunter.

@Knife here’s what I did quickly with Phasebreaker and Luminari set:


Wasn’t happy with the result, maybe will try new Will of Fate gun+my favorite Bonemonger set+2x Jaxxon rings.

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