[] The rage of Agrivix - aether CT Spellbinder max damage setup


Agrivix powered monster build back in late AoM and wasn’t posted long time in FG expansion until @x1x1x1x2 made nice build with it. Lot’s of time passed by, so decided to do one pure spectacular damage character to push the set to it’s limits. Build have monster aether damage and biggest spirit dump, I can make.

Also worth noting, that Binder was my nightmare in terms of playing, since I am really terrible timing skills and Aeon and hit anything with devastation. So usually my Binder times are mega slow and I die constantly. Time to face my nightmares and beat them! :smiley:


  • pic with permanent buffs only. Damage for CT

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25ldLEN


Nothing fancy compared to other Binders - full Agrivix set + relic, Wrath of Ascendant is very good weapon as usual. 2pcs Krieg to get the %damage bonus. Also worth noting that this build doesn’t need greens to function at all. Pants are here for DA, spirit and disruption. There are nice aether pants, but I think Arcane Harmony are the best possible fit. Also I use Maw of Despair over Ana’s helmet. I like extra CT damage and life steal.

If you want more DA, you can move points to phys and get Ravager’s Eye augments.

  • 1 craft with stun, rest with %physique for DA and health.


Devotion route is very interesting,don’t think I have seen it before. Going triple T-3 with Spear, Aeon and Korvaak on top. Korvaak have nice proc and my Weapon Damage is high, Aeon to reset CD of skills, mostly Devastation for better offense. And Spear boosts my damage further. Also took Imp instead of Bat, moar damage :sunglasses:


I played in Crucible with 4 buffs, including Ulzuin for DA and 3 level 1 Stormcaller Beacons. Agrivix proc have already flat RR, so mostly for AoE damage and to aggro mobs from the corners, instead of moving.

Build is surprisingly durable in Crucible, especially if you can time Mirror+Torment combo. Times are around 5:40 on average, my best is staggering 5:10!


People having the balls to try that low DA setup :rofl:

Nice one!

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Looks pretty high to me

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DA is not an issue with Ulzuin buff, huge OA shred and Mirror+MoT.

To you, yes :rofl:

Here is a more well-rounded alternative I independently came up with:

More armor, DA, movement speed, and CC resists. Maybe it can be of some use to you, maybe not. Take what you will from it.

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Why dumping 11 points in Inferno? It gives you just about nothing. 10% aether to CT per point. You could fix much needed crit since Dying God died and get some more oa shred or dump it in Arcane Will.

Also, Viper + Jackal + Crossroads blue not better than Lizard + Vulture? Or better yet: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZD9wnaN. Losing 90% aether, though, from right Korvaak and spirit.

Inferno gives flat burn to CT. Pound for pound is the best investment if you have the free points.

Devotions, I am already at 200% cast speed, so don’t need Jackal. Vulture gives big % spirit, along with Spider.

i think the burn dissapear, coz the conversion. but you do have some lightning converted to aether there, idk.

Aether don’t have DoT damage, so you can’t convert the burn damage.

your right, anyway super cool build, agrivix set so flashy. proc from ring, relic, fiend and koorvak. must play

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You got 18 fire rr and 1.1k% burn. Nor are you using CT transmuter to make real use of that burn. With crit from Elemental Balance untaken, I really doubt Inferno is best. Nobody took inferno in the times of Agrivix domination.

I know why you took it. Both give 65%dmg in total from that spirit. It’s not little but imo not enough to take 5p devos that give little else. Have you tried Fiend?

How is this build performing in 1.1.8 ?
im torn between the sorcerer or the Spellbinder version.

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Build is unchanged, I think. Spellbinder is the best class for aether but perhaps is more skill dependable, if you can time Mirror/Mark of Torment combo. Although for Agrivix you have great leech through Callidor’s Tempest. So this build is tough and you can add more DA to be guarded agaisnt crits.

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I played around a bit with the devotions.

i will test this setup, it trades a tiny bit of health and energy for better OA/DA/Armor and should also be more dmg on top of it. However it needs testing/feedback.

i might just go ravagers eye with this then.

I advise you to use both Aeon and Bat devotions, no amount of health or DA can save you better than these two. Imo Aeon is what pushes Binder to the next level.

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alright, yes maybe i want to keep aeon, might come in handy to refresh mark/MoE faster indeed.

thank you for those quick replies.

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