[ -] Ghol Set | Blades of Blight Fiends | Acid | Pet Ritualist

Fast farming SR 75 - 76
green belt only need resistance prefixed. Suffix not important.
Lunal belt also fine

Battle Pets quantity:3 Blight Fiend + 1 Briarthorn + 1 Eldritch Talon + 3 Spiders

Note:Pet Elemental、Poison、Pierce、Bleeding resist not full cause GT not show Pet 、Component Aura & BoD effect

Acid resist reduce:Devouring Swarm 20% + Rumor 30% + Mogdrogen’s Pact 28 + Talon Aura 10% = 98%



Survival version: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0be3RN

v1170 GT:https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26Lyl7Z
Devotion same as 1162 version

v1180 GT:https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV1vRzDZ
main update:
1.Shield & Amulet max value cdr 25%,main work for devotion skill.
2.Survival adjustment,Rumor - 96 oa Blood Boil -186 oa,and medium cdr + Time Dilation Giant’s Blood
3.Time Dilation bonus Skill:Giant Blood,Mark of Torment, Amulet buff,Call of the Grave,Pet
4.Dying God most of the time better than Mogdrogen the Wolf. Especially for Dot damage Pet. high damage and crit better than speed.
5.Blight Fiend self 50% vitality resist
6.Pet Bleed resist enough for 76,after 90 can switch jewelry enchantment for pet resist for threaten Nemesis
7.Build alredy tested, but some mistake dead in 92.