[ -] Void inescapable - Black Flame Warlock [sr+] [mi] [vid]

Thanks for the explanation malawiglenn. There are 3 resistances on the medal (Pierce, Acid/Poison and Bleeding) just below the OA/DA stat. What gives the medal the resistances - affix or suffix - they are not part of any I hav so far.

Doesn’t seem like there is an alternative for the medal either, you lose too many bonuses, or have i missed something ? (I took a look on GT and I can get close to in terms of resistances with a Basilisk but lose all the other good stuff)

Just search the affixes on grim tools man


Try this variant, if you do not have decent Rylok Mark yet. A little bit worse DA and SoC is at 21/12, but additional OA and racial damage will help :slightly_smiling_face:.

Added Kra’vall destruction, because why not? He is also pretty hard.

Talk about coincidence, I just mention Kra’vall in another post and linked your original build in that discussion, or did you just see that post … either way I’m glad to see you nuked that sucker without breaking a sweat. Another boss I thought was an absolute bastard was Ramzul, but I used your build guide last night and face tanked him and another mini boss in the same room. Didn’t realize I’d killed him for a bit, I was districted by the lighting effects in the room. Will go back and attempt Kra’vall tonight :grinning:

Thanks for the alternative. I have a pretty decent Rylok, but it doesn’t have the Impervious and Hungering rifts, which help with the Poison and acid res (which is like -28 wise). With other skills up P&A res is close to 80% so not too much of an issue. I do have the alternative piece on another character so I might swap it out and see how things go.

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Have a fun time :grinning:.

Months ago in version 1.5.2 i theorycrafted for my next character: a chaos aar warlock.
Re-started few days ago and today i stumbled upon your post with a similar build :wink:
Good to know, that even with low RR warlock can work.

Back than this was the outcome of my theorycraft (updated to 1.6.2 now) https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2gk4QO2
Right now i am only lv 75 so i cannot say if my build is better or worse than yours but maybe there are some inspirations.

bloody pox to trigger more devotions and wasting to compensate for my lower DA
Devastation to trigger more devotions.

Did you try out abomination? Is dying god way better?

Hello and welcome to Chaos AAR Warlock party! :partying_face: Everything may be, I do not claim my build is absolute ideal and does not need further polishing. For yours, I would still prefer using Aethereach gloves, they give valuable bonuses to our main damage ability, energy regen and -% energy cost. AAR is very energy-hungry and 44 regen number is not enough. Also, try to increase your Physical resistance. Ritual Circle lasts less than its cooldown, so it cannot be used freely like Inquisitor Seal.

Dying God provides bigger values in almost every department. OA, flat and percentage, %Chaos, some DA, Spirit, and its proc for caster (and overall imho) is more useful than Abomination one. Lets look at them closely:
Hungering Void - 18% Crit damage, 370% Chaos and Vitality damage, 10% total speed, retaliation damage and chance to terrify enemies, all useful. Yes, Health drain is severe, but Blood of Dreeg and huge life steal will not let you die dishonorably :grin:
Abominable Might - flat Chaos damage (only Guardian Gaze and Flame Torrent procs will get some benefit from it, they alone have %Weapon Damage), 260% Chaos damage, conversion Physical-to-Chaos (useless, you do not have Physical damage) and increased Health regen. Not much, to be honest.
I would take Abomination for specific melee builds or ranged with WD skills, if it is possible to get it with Dying God. Or for Chaos builds that cannot sustain Health loss.

How about this Abomination setup? https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVlGYQo2
If you do not mind dropping Guardian and Fiend constellations, of course :smile:.

You are right, the passive stats are way better on dying god than on abomination.
The active just feels like so many wasted stats.
10% Totalspeed = 10% Movespeed because we overcap anyhow.
Retaliation bonus seems just minor.
Terrify rarely work on Hero/Boss/Nemesis. Trashmobs usually die way before they can reach and hit me - at least while leveling.
The passive stats + crit damage are still better than abomination :wink: Guess ich will try to tinker on a devotion map with dying god now.

Just like the green constellations more than the blue.

Did you try out guardians gaze? While leveling it felt strong but i wonder if that is true for endgame.

Yah aetherreach look way better than my voidrend.
Is the serenity proc needed? This build look like the only build we can use eldritch pact :wink:

It is also Cast Speed, valuable stat (my in-game character has 190% without Ritual Circle, so another increase is not wasted). Retaliation and terrify are nice small bonuses that can sometimes save you from melee hard-hitters, from ordinary mobs to even heroes :smile:.

Did not try it personally, but similar skills are very powerful. Yes, Guardian is often seen in many Chaos and Acid end-game builds. I, again, just do not have a skill for its reliable proc. And do not have free spellbar space also :slightly_smiling_face:.

Definitely needed. This circuit-breaker saved me so many times. And +1 to All skills with up to 3 resistances are also worth much (Anasteria says hello :laughing:). Eldritch Pact makes wonders in melee builds, it is an amazing offensive relic. But I prefer defence, so that I choose Primordial or “blue” path over Eldritch “green”.

Tested this setup today https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4VxkM0e2. You lose full global Fire-to-Chaos conversion, a chunk of Vitality-to-Chaos and some Spirit with new belt (so that SoC and Eldritch Fire become weaker), but gain 7 free skill points, three armor augment slots and much better Energy regen (did not use mana potion at all).

Hey Willnoword. I’m not sure if there is a quirk in Grimtools or not but in the Skills-Devotions tab it shows all points are used, but when I configure the same as shown there I still have 3 points to spend. Is there something missing/not showing up on the grimtools config ? If not what should I spend my 3 points in :grinning: and yes I want to kill things one handed and with extreme prejudice- especially those oversized maggots :rofl:

I have Oklaine’s Lantern , Empty Throne, Raven, Solael’s Witchblade (w/albrecht’s), Dying god (1 from complete w/solael’s flame), Revanant (w/sigil of consumption), Jackal, Viper, Sailor’s guide, Eel, Solemn Watcher and Aeon’s hourglass plus 1 point in Blue, Red and Green at the crossroads atm

Grim Tools uses all possible skill points, you have not collected all of them with your char. You can upload the char in Grim Tools checklist and see what is missing

How about using Imp? WIth global Fire to Chaos and 30% Aether to Chaos on SHoulders it should be a lot f chaos damage? And same question about Fiend.

It is really annoying to have 3 points wasted in the crossroads.


Imp + Hawk instead of Raven + only first point in Aeon instead of three.


Those constellations are self-supported. Did you find a way to build a map with free devotion points or something else? Could you write it step-by-step, please? :slightly_smiling_face:

I tried your idea and I like it :+1:. With some changes, though. You still need capped Trap Resistance (that is why I took 3rd node in Aeon), or any combination “Benn’Jahr +” in SR will kill you in one of the most humiliating fashion :laughing:. So I changed Chest component to Oleron’s chains. Here are two new variants of the build:
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/aZqPR5vV - offensive one, full Fire-to-Chaos conversion
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV9LqGn2 - defensive one, Aetherfire still is mostly Chaos (~70% Fire-to-Chaos converted, even more with lucky rolls). Of course, Serenity bonus can be anything.
Going to update the guide with new information. Thanks for nice ideas and feedback!

Did some more testing on this. Sadly it appears I have not found a way to turn lead into gold :slightly_frowning_face: In Grimtools my character shows all 55 points are used (no extra’s to spend after all) - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2d0v112

Buuutttt … in game it shows I have more points I can spend (and I can actually spend them …). This appears to be an artifact of the tool I use. I use gd-edit to copy an existing 100 level character. I then reset the skills and devotions with the same tool. This seems to give extra devotion points. I’ve mentioned that to the tool’s creator. Sorry for the false hope.

Understood. That is unfortunate :slightly_frowning_face:.

Is it your current build? You have redundant Skill points in SoC and its modifier (shown red). And check my updated build :grinning:. Original setup is good, but new is even better.

This is my current build. Went to end game with it, which was nice. Working my way to “super bosses”. First one was Crate. Didn’t even seen it. Those stupid box things wiped me out. Maybe the new one can help me out with that, will definitely take a look at new build spec. Changing gear might be a bit of a pain … I’ll check the skill points you mentioned and adjust. Those might have been impacted by the testing I was doing

Not sure what is going on with my character display in GT. In game I show 22 in SoC and modifier. If you hover over the stats in GT it also shows 22 in each, not the 23 and 24 displayed :man_shrugging: One of life’s mysteries I guess