[] Acid Obliteration Memes, Witch Hunter

I’m just a guy that recently got back into playing GD a lil more and thought I share a fun meme build I recently finished. (Big shout out to romanBINDER who kept laughting at it :two_hearts:, RektByProtoss for looking over the build and giving some input and thoughts, Akillon for his green version of the build + additional thoughts & someone I forgot… I think… I’m terribly sorry! :crazy_face: )

Stats are with Blood Of Dreg, Pneunomatic Burst & Lethal Assault up.
(Also yes, greens are GDStash’d.)

My GT Link!

Less green version by Akillon!




Truth be told I haven’t rly been doing much with the build so far aside from dicking around in MC so if someone wants to give it a try in SR, Cruci, Celestials… you’ve been warned! :see_no_evil:

Even tho I’m sure that most very experienced players out there could tell what this build would be capable of doing and what not.

Input, thoughts, critique and all so good stuff are very welcome! :+1:
Cheers, Mergo! :wink:


I am a big fan of ABB as main attack on a ranged build. For the longest time i didnt even know it was possible! Super fun! I am also a big fan of meme builds, more than any other types! Thanks for sharing, this is cool!

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edit: I cleaned my glasses :wink:

I do have it tho. :wink:

Ur welcome! ABB isnt the main attack here tho, thats Obliteration.
ABB just procs Lethal Assault for OA/DMG. :slight_smile:

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you definitely need to fit in wendigo’s mark as you have full conversion also.

After 100 years… Still waits for the save file.

I could try to fit it in even tho I’m not sure what to exactly change / drop for it.
Thx for the idea!
Will certainly look into it.

Iirc you never asked for it. (put aside the discord message from tomorrow morning :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

Looks like we almost had the same idea, but I try to minimize greens! I don’t see how you can comfortably use yours with that energy regen, though. Scythe was a must for me, and even then it’s a pain against nemesis bosses sometimes. As @thejabrixone said, you can also squeeze Wendigo in there. I’ve done so in my setup.

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I plan to update my dreeg witch hunter with this:

Maybe you can try this devo in yours.

Havent tested the build again though and I play GD rarely these days.

Looks very similar indeed. :+1:
Would you be fine with me adding your build to the OP as a less green version?
Will ofc say so that it’s yours and add a shout out! :slight_smile:

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Certainly, go for it!

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I could, even tho I would have to change it up a bit cuz no need for manticore thx to obliteration already giving fat flat RR. :wink:

Thx! :heart:

EDIT: Added! :slight_smile:

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