[] Beginner's Shadow Strike Infiltrator. Cruise through endgame in faction gear and without keyboard

Yes, it will be a little weaker.

They don’t have required + skills

I know, i thought it’s just what they call it

Burger breaker has been around for a while. Spectral longsword is your bargain bin leveling option that you can vendor farm for crushing normal and elite. Lox doesn’t show up until elite (go ahead, make a suggestion for him to spawn on normal) and not until act 4 so realistically you’re not using loxblades until you’re just shy of stepping into ultimate. As swords they lose 100% cold right out the gate and their other bonuses don’t redeem them. Leveling options and nothing more.

no thanks, I already suggested him to be in SR. Although it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Good point on the loss of %cold on the swords. A shame. If vendorshopped pulsing shards can be endgame items, perhaps the longswords won’t be harmed by a little buff either.

@banana_peel nice build and guide! Did you check out @Stupid_Dragon 's guide for basically the same build? [DW Hybrid] Beginner's Phantom Infiltrator

Nice to see that you guys are still making beginner and budget builds, I have not touched the Game for 8 months but I might get back into it soon now that it seems to be more finalized :slight_smile:



Somehow i’ve missed that guide.

Glad to see you back.



same with pierce blademaster build guide [] American dream: from 0 to beating endgame with scrap metal and bare hands (For beginners, Faction gear, Pure DW melee, SR75, Crucible 150-170) also very good build and guide but Stupid Dragon made a very similar build a few patches ago [DW melee] Beginner's Forgotten Blademaster

I will probably start play GD again tomorrow, starting with my Primal Strike warder build guide and then I was thinking about doing SS infiltrator and after that Blademaster, either cadence or PB. I would like to have as “clean” new start as possible so why not test some of these budget builds that we have created? :slight_smile:

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Good idea!

I was aware of his Blademaster guide and even linked it in mine. That was more of a challenge: to take any fresh melee char and beat endgame with it. I actually recorded a run with a faction-only setup later, it completed Crucible in under 7 minutes and SR65-66 deathless. Faction gear is pretty powerful if you know what to look for.

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yes, and same with some MI’s - some of them are great even with garbage affixes.

why aren’t your beginner builds in the compendium? you should definitely post them there :slight_smile:

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Compendium of all the builds or there is one for builds for beginners?

I should. Every time i make a guide i’m so drained i postpone posting it in compendium and then never come back because there are new builds to get to :expressionless:

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yeah I am kinda the same, once I have made build I play it a bit and then I move on to another one :smiley: I am not that keen on testing it in every aspect and fine tuning them and grinding SR and cruci. I am more of a build collector rather than perfector (is that even a word?)


I’m not sure if there was such an implication, but personally I’m not pressing anyone to include my builds just because they bear some semblance to their own. If you do then do it out of your own goodwill.

As for beginner section of the compendium - just link the thread in the compendium and ask to add it to beginner build section. Since they are scarcely posted I do the formatting myself.



Please make me (us?) a GT link with your suggestions for HC. :blush:
I’m completely noob and playing only HC as i said before and would like to maintain such toon like this when i work* (psst!!!) :sweat_smile:

*Doing “standby” job, so we must always be ready. (only playing pausable solo when i’m working :blush:)

No reasonable adjustment would make it a 100% safe build for HC for a beginner. The whole idea of the build is to use mobility to control the flow of the combat as it’s core defense mechanic. If you can’t choose when to engage and when to disengage you’d be caught up eventually and killed.

I have a similar build, even wrote a guide for it. Unlike banana I play exclusively HC, so mine is technically HC-proven. But me being able to pull it off doesn’t mean that anyone would.

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Yeah, sorry, i have no hardcore experience so i can only make common recommendations to make yourself more sturdy - high resistance overcaps, high phys res, more health, more attack speed and high adcth value. People like Stupid Dragon are better advisers for HC.

One thing i can say: despite orientation to softcore and high dmg, this char is surprisingly sturdy. So there is a good chance to make it HC viable for dungeons, lower shards and lower Crucible. You will have to have Inquisitor’s Seal, high CC res, attack speed and adcth values for constant leech and in theory you won’t die in said intances.

Thank you GUYS! :blush:

how is farming Loxmere in HC these days?

Hi, i am very interested in your build, can u please give a guide on leveling? Which skills to priorterize? Which devotions to priorterize?

Can you kill caldagara and all the rest bosses with that build?

Hello! I’m not very qualified to give such advice. I suggest to take a look at Stupid_Dragon’s thread linked above in the comments. It has a thorough leveling guide.

It can kill all the regular bosses and Nemesis in main campaign. But Celestials - not likely. This char is about speed and relaxing gameplay. Killing superbosses is all about tankiness and careful managing your abilities.

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I level it right now. Its a lot of fun and one of the stronger beginner builds i leveled. Right now here: end of elite: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2E37pbZ

I level like this and IMO the best way to level any Inquisitor build:
a) Word of pain https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNY8mxXZ + tsunami devotion on word of pain
b) aura of censure https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GOAXq2
c) https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXX3qLN max nightchill
d) into elite fort ikon, start farming noxmere for the weapons, after you got 2. respec into shadow strike build, respec devotion progress from there like the build in the op. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2do3r8N like this. faceroll everything.

edit: No need for Inquisitor seal. I did died once. Against noxmere on elite :smiley: