[] Beginner's vitality caster Conjurer guide, how to build monster build from the scratch! Suitable for first character

For the sake of illustration, Ravager of minds killed without pharma with the setup I’ve linked above (Conjurer, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator - biggest difference from guide is on devo route) :

and Mogdrogen with just lighting resist pot and one Aether cluster:

I haven’t tried again with my current setup: Conjurer, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

edit: so I gave it a try… and died.
I’ve then equipped back my Solael-Sect Pants and an Impassable Vampiric Bonewall of Decay for 17% more physical resistance, and I’ve killed it again without any sweat. Still lots of hit miss though as I lose a good bunch of OA with this switch.


This has been my favourite build to level but my main goal for him is to take down lokkar…

Ive overcapped resists, have similar stats to OPs build but cant seem to come even close…

Any build tips would be appreciated as im stuck. cheers.

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Not beating Lokarr seems weird, since your build looks good on paper. I would say your gear isn’t BiS but is adequate enough. For future reference your slow is 0% which is bad. For items you might wanna craft amulet and use jewel augments with vitality damage, DA and aether resistances . Lokarr have high OA and might be good idea to boost that DA. Other than that potion for reduce burning duration will also be helpful.

Thanks for the reply I appreciate the feedback, i boosted DA quite a bit and managed to get my first kill yiew! It was pretty slow and messy with a lot of kiting and ‘oh shit’ moments but we got there :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone! I also want to ask for help. I have some experience in the game but not much. I’m looking for a build hc (ssf) that I can do with gladiator crucible 170. Do you think it’s possible to do this build with Thanks for the helpful answers. Sorry for the bad English.

This probably won’t be seen BUT I need to say that this guide was so easy to follow and truly beginner friendly. I was able to complete my first run on veteran with dlcs, I’m now on Elite and it’s doing really well so far. I was lucky with drops (playing ssf) maybe but gearing has been very easy. It’s a bit piano but I don’t mind. I’ve tried a lot of builds after this one and they don’t really compare. For me it was the best choice and I’m happy you made as guide for this! Thank you!


Well, I saw your comment and appreciate it! Hopefully, you’ll continue to succeed with this build in ultimate as well. Vitality casters are pretty good choice for newish player and they allow you to make some mistakes, without stopping your progression.

The build goes up in levels so smooth n fast, I should be bothered with its future way too early than usual :sweat_smile:
So, what’s about the endgame, is Mad_lee’s Conjurer still good for, say, “golden” SR75-76 and Celestials, or nerfbat has smashed it too hard? And with the current “meta” switch with way lower DA, there could be some major changes?

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Conjurer have fallen out of grace. And sadly this happened long time ago. But we are talking about speed. Tankiness is still there and build should be really safe and reliable SR farmer. And Ravager should still be doable. If you are on test patch, there are significant amount of buffs to both Sigil and Pox, so actually build might be better than we’re thinking. Worth trying out.


Very good guide. Just started this build as I don’t have the expansions yet, hoping it’s still one of the best beginner build in 2023.
So far, one things that is a bit unclear: what do you do exactly between lvl 10 and 15?

I saw your comment and I have to thank you for posting guides that help beginners, this helps a lot of new players :pray:

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Is wrathblade better than boneblade??

I’m new at the game and I’m confused. Does solaels witchfire work for spells? cuz it says weapon attacks. what exactly is the purpose of sigil of consumption in the build? and why 4 points in curse of fraility?

Solael’s Witchfire works for any attack. The main appeal of first node is % vitality damage. Sigil is used for sustain and single target damage, especially if you stack multiple sigils.

Weathblade, the 2H blue weapon? I wouldn’t use it instead of 1h/off-hand or shield.

I see, thank you. how about an occultist based on dreegs evil eye with hallanx offhand? what would be the upsides and downsides