[] Beginner's vitality caster Conjurer guide, how to build monster build from the scratch! Suitable for first character

Can anyone explain to newbee how could it be? I am looking GT for this and many other builds, and i can see that there is f.e. 26/16 of some spell, thou i expecting that maximum will be 16/16? Where r u taking an extra points above max level of current spell? Is it from stars, or from gear, or is it some kind of a voodoo magick?

I mean vitality casters are always resilient builds. Conjurer especially is pretty good if you don’t mind AoE centric piano builds.

Eventually you’ll find items with +skills to either specific skill or mastery.


Hi @Nery
i just bought this game and want to create my first lv 100 char, is this guide still viable in i’m still following this guide and now at lvl 15 on normal. Also do you recommend to finish the base game first or try FG when the emissary is appear?

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I’d personally go there asap just to get Movement Skill Augment + select faction and skip it completely after that till after Ultimate Malmouth unless some good gear from there / Eldritch Essence is needed.


Hi, yes the guide is viable and doesn’t require any major changes. Perhaps only thing is that I wouldn’t go for Boneblade but for Bonespike weapon (they drop from same place anyway), rest is all good.

What @tqFan said about Witch God factions is good idea. You can do some quests to unlock movement runes, I think you need friendly status and continue quests from base game. Movement rune will save you some time moving down the map. BUT for my first play through I would probably won’t go there first but let the story unfold+FG quests awards less experience.

If we look for which factions are the most important for leveling first character, I would say Malmouth’s resistance, because they sell XP boosting potion + Devil’s Crossing, cause they have some low level augments like Survivors’ Ingenuity and armor augments.

@Nery, and i wander if there any rotation, that your conjurer shoud use? You wrote only 4 swarm shouldn’t be spammed, but Who shoul? Now on 20 swarm is still my Best dd, while i maxed it according to your guide, yet Pox is still weak, and i use it just 4 the bat’s proc. Basically, i hame Mogdrogen’s and Solael’s on myself, going to monster pack, casting Frailty, Pox and then Swarm which kills everything. Is it the way it should be?

Which skill should be spammed? On this particular build, none. Frailty and Pox are fire&forget type of skills. Swarm is shot on each new monster. Rest of the time try placing Sigil beneath enemies and totems in range. Until you unlock later skills though, you can cast more often Swarm. The main problems with that are: significant energy cost and the fact you’ll likely have low casting speed.

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Thank u, i got it. As 4 my impressions, build has a lot of fun. And as a new player in GD, want to try a different playstile, and trying to choose one of your DW melee beginner build. Can u tell me, which one is actual in and which one is fun2play?

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My DW builds are usually outdated. Except the Saboteur, not great class but it works. As fun, every build with Shadow Strike should cover this requirement. :slightly_smiling_face:

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And again, sorry 4 being too slow, but then is there an option which woub show debuff and DoT time remaining on enemy? FE i made some Frailty and Pox on boss, and i want to know when should i recast. Should i swich something in settings? Or mb should download some mod? Or is it work different way in this game? I overplayed WoW :rofl:

@11115 Grim Internals has this option:



Btw Frailty is actually quite visible on enemies and I’m one of those players who are generally blind to those things and also play in very low settings. Not sure about Pox because I rarely use it.

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@tqFan, TY, i am blind for such sh*t, too. Like to have visual debuff icons, or bars, or any stuff like that. Again, i spoiled with years of WoWing (which shoul be read as "years of spending time just nowhere)

Hi @Nery , can you give me devotion route alternative? i only have AoM (still waiting for another steam sales for FG), i start notice when i reach lvl 50 i dont have Lotus because it FG only. Pleease help!! thanks!

up, can anyone help me please, these devotion route so confusing, and i only have AoM

There are some Vitality Conjurers in this Compendium so see what they used for devotion paths.

Hi all,

I’ve been playing Grimdawn for a few months now, and I’ve started with that beginner build, and I’ve eventually decided to post a feedback and ask for advice possibly.

The whole leveling went like a breeze thanks to the easy availability of gear for the class : Boneshield of Decay, Bonespile which I’ve used instead of Boneblade because of the needed cunning, and later Ascendant source that can roll very high vitality damage. I’ve found it to be an excellent weapon, easy to vendor farm in Malmouth, until I got Fang of Ch’ton, just a few days ago. By the way, I fail to see how Skull of Gul’Amash can compete against Bonewall for this build, especially as you can roll a high phys resist on the shield, which I feel is a good tradeoff for the skull’s ward (I’ve tried both).

I did the whole campaign without issue, but I had a few close calls. Eventually, I went farming Dark One’s set and this is where I hit my first hard wall, against Lokarr (because yeah, I had to pay him a visit while being here…). After some experiment, I tried playing without dying god and I find it much safer actually, then I’ve tried switching the whole devotions route to that of Dahbadu’s Wildblood build. It’s a lot more safe now and so here my current iteration of the build : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62aG0YmZ

SR: I’m going through them, only at 30 for now. It’s so long to go through them.
Crucible: I’ve not tried much, and I feel the build is not ideal because of its lack of mobility to reach the waves
Lokarr: faced tank without any problem, with no additional potion. I haven’t died a single time since I’ve change the devo route against him.
Ravager of Mind: killed in ultimate without any potion, fully face tank. However I miss A LOT because of my very low OA. The change of devo route didn’t help here, Dying God was giving a fair bunch.
Ravager of Soul: easily killed in elite
Mogdronen: fully faced tank in elite without any potion. Also fully faced tank in ultimate with one resist lightning potion. I had lots of close calls on the end though ; I had to use one aether cluster.
Crate : ha ha, she face rolled me totally
Callagadra: she face rolled me… in elite -_-

From those fights, the biggest issue I see in my setup is very low OA and DA, even though the build can shred 500 OA. I’m working on improving my MIs to get more, possibly by trading damage for it (“of Decay” on the shield…). But I feel this will improve the values only so much as I don’t have much % OA/DA. Any idea on how to improve those values substantially?

This is my first post here btw, pleased to meet you fellow players :wink:

Thanks for the patience on reading my WoT :p.

edit: fixing hyperlinks…
edit 2: messed up with build calculator, plenty of room for improvements on the MIs. Also, using two Mythical Signets of the Damned, Mythical Wendigo Bane and Skull of Gull’Amash bring me to around 2.8k OA / 2.6k DA, at the cost of 2k life and 12% phys res.

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@Panini it seems you’ve hit the point of the game you decide how your build will look like and make tweaks for better performance. Also congrats on your max level build, nice! :slightly_smiling_face:

Devotions: Actually I find my route to be pretty balanced between defense and offense. Sure for super bosses you can go for more defensive one but DG is massive boost to your damage. Also gives some OA/DA, which as you mentioned can be problematic and actually is common thing for vitality casters. So DG/Rattosh is actually the most efficient map. Also looking at build mentioned I find hard to believe 2H build without Kraken devotion. :thinking: But I should say linked build is Wildblood set, which hybridize vitality damage with bleeding, while Dark One have nothing to do with bleeding, so going Huntress isn’t optimal and having two sources of flat RR - Revenant and Scales is redundant.

Skull have pretty good mod, might be even better for sustain and more damage on top of pretty valuable stat for casters - cooldown reduction. Only significant advantage of shield is the chance of rolling physical resistance.


Hello there, I am getting my head wrapped around this game (trying :smiley: ) But devotions are still hard… can anyone give a path to follow for this build?

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Hi Warplord,
the path is described in guide, in the Devotions drop down. This is the final path, but it works well while leveling as well.

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Yes, as mentioned by @Panini devotion section contains step by step instructions how to take devotions during the leveling phase.

Remember that devotions can sustain their cost and you can remove points via spirit guides, first one is in Devil’s crossing. And during your adventures you’ll find the necessary shrines. There are topics about their location or you can use the map in Grim Tools site.