Newbie need advice for build

The first one is a bit mess, I think it’s a hybrid pet build, BoD is much more better because it heals, boosts OA and resistances. Sigil is only strong if you have spare points and CDR. This build is much more focus on player aspect, and Reap Spirit is quite invincible/spamming, so Bond doesnt give much. However, I give this build a 3/10 (gears choice, skills chosen, devotion…). Shouldnt follow it as a newbie.
The second is just… more terrible, a vitality focus build but no Spectral wrath - vit RR. Dont need to discuss deeper.


Blood of Dreeg (16/16 12/12):
Any occult build you will do this because:

  • % offensive
  • physical resistance and acid.

Curse of frailty (10/10 10/10): reduces resistances

Solael’s W: if you need attack speed or chaos damage
Second rife: if you need vital damage.

Bone Harveste and Soul Harveste (1 - 1 - 12/12): Gives a buff of vital damage to pets.

Any build with necromancer you will want Spectral binding because of the +offensive abilities bonus

and spectral wrath if you want to reduce resistance.


Thank you, Damn it’s hard to find a good build. I’m afraid to look now.

Do you have any idea for a build vitality occultist based? It’s all i ask, occultist and vitality. Could be shield pistol sword or 2h couldn’t care less.

+164 offensive ability is better than +60% damage? I just ask i don’t doubt you no worry

I"m dumb… Manipulation gives +60% to all pets, not me…

Thanks but i prefer no pets, i saw there are lots of those build online

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Is it still working? I read that they balanced a lot the game and the build is from Is it still good?

Yes, see combat statistics:

you will always want to go over 2700-3200 for OA (offensive) and DA (defensive)

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Thanks a lot , noted. <3

Ha, nice try! I don’t have beginner pet builds :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes, it’s still working. This build in particular doesn’t need any major changes in order to function. I can change the build title without changing anything in the build itself, if that will make it better :smiley:


Lol dude :rofl:

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At least i can play now, to be fair, it’s been nearly 2 days that i spend more time looking for build than playing the game…

I will follow your guide, and thank you for making it .


Well, happy to hear it and hopefully you will like the guide!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in this topic. I or other forum members can respond.


I know that feeling lol, I always need to know what the endgame spec is before I level a new character.


For me it’s the diablo 2 syndrome. You spend hours making your char and then you arrive to hell and can’t do any damage and being one shoted.

Now i’m wayyyyyy more careful, learn before try. But at least here, we can easily respec.


Completely understandable.

Actually for majority of my guides, I do check the end game build and how it looks/performs before starting leveling a character. This way I can create a gateway for a potential end game crusher.


I wanted to select Maya’s builds for it, which is in the section: Builds for Beginners, but I can’t.

They should have linked a Maya topic in Build Compendium X (Forgotten Gods), instead of a Maya reply.

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I already have a question :smiley:

In devotion, you use wretch, why? Only for blood or dreeg?

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Well, I wanted to use Scales, Wendigo, Dying God and Rattosh all in the same map and I needed some devotions just for affinity points, so I had to include Wrench, normally won’t be present in vitality devotion maps.

I guess some other routes are possible or different focus, like taking Ghoul/Revenant instead but since this isn’t build with weapon damage skills, passive healing from Scales is fitting. But the 8 yellow requirement prevent me from using standard vitality maps.


Then this might not be a game for you.

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