[] Chillwhisper Spellbreaker -> Damage setup ~5:30 crucible/sr95/75-76 farmer + Tank setup sr100/celestials/unkillable at 75-76

Hello, I wanted to add some cold build for my collection and it’s going to be Spellbreaker with Chillwhisper set. I made two separate setups with some another gameplay, one is faster and very consistent both in Crucible and SR but more Softcore suited (sometimes single death may happen in realms), second one use CDR defense mechanics I found to be good - it’s slower but basically unkillable, can delve up to sr100 without much troubles and any real threat from any boss and it should be good for hardcore or people who do not like to die.

Edit: Huge thanks for @mad_lee and @Nery for advice with softcaping VoS. It was instant improvement for clear times!

1. More DPS/faster farming oriented setup

Crucible runs are 5:50-6:20, most around 6min. 75-76 is not a problem but death may happen if you pull all the bosses at once, although it’s still possible to kill them all. I’ve recorded additional 95sr run to show there is nothing to fear in lower sr and additional crucible 6min run with Yugol relic instead of Iskandra Balance if you like to spin2win style. Yugol was around 10 sec slower average.

Devotion route I found to be tankiest and still providing good damage, I didn’t want to make this build glasscannon. I’ve tested route without Wendigo and it was survivality and damage loss, our movement rune procs it good enough and we have high vitality -> cold conversion.

My pants choice may be arguable but this proc is really nice and we do not really need Arcane Harmony pants for disruption protection, at least Grava’thul or any other distrupt monsters did not bother me.

2. Very tanky CDR spec

Crucible runs on it are too slow to call it crucible build (around 8min) so I made additional changes which I will mention below. Because this setup is very skill points hungry it’s not possible to be faster without these changes. Build has no problems to delve into very high sr and can farm 75-76 without care about anything. Our defense mechanic is mirror+blade barrier cycle with a lot of cdr resets from eternity and hourglass. With pharma it can facetank Ravager for 90% time, without it’s around 30 seconds slower because some additional sidesteps may be necessary. Callagadra can be killed with kiting, couldn’t facetank her.

If you want to farm crucible with this setup without changing whole devotions it’s still possible just with fast gear and skill points swap:

Crucible runs were under 7min. Still I suggest to follow first setup if you want to jump between 75sr/crucible, this second setup is really mostly for comfortable shattered realm experience or some challange pushing runs/celestials.


  1. DPS setup:
    ~5:30 150-170 run

6min run with Yugol relic for some spin2win style

95sr showcase with a lot of kiting, our survivality is very good

  1. CDR tank setup:
    SR 100, 2 unlucky deaths, easy facetanking, not very hard fight with Kaisan

Ravager 3:40 almost pure facetank with pharma, without it’s go up to a little bit over 4min because we can’t fullfill some defense cycle break with aether cluster

6:40 crucible run with few changes I mentioned above



Very interesting take on Chillwhisper, man, good job! One thing that I would recommend is soft-capping Veil of Shadow. Its radius is detrimental to Chillwhisper build’s performance. Hell, VoS’ radius is important on any Cold NB, even melee ones started taking it over Undying Oath.

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Thanks! That’s the thing I wondered about before, I don’t exactly know how this “meter radius” works. Where would you unspend points for it? Mirror maybe? 3 points should be enough probably, or there are better alternatives?

Nice build and I like the variations!

Chillwhisper’s mods to Blade Spirits are good and conversion from vitality allows you to utilize leeching devotions. So creative building around it and great results.

About VoS, the radius affects the distance around you at which enemies are affected by the aura. At 1 point for example will work only in melee range. For casters it’s especially important to get 10/10, so that they can RR everything in their range.

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Thanks! I was testing some variations without high vit->cold conversion (no green belt) and it had very close performance, altough with it it’s like 1 league of tankyness above and open possibilites with more devotions (like wendigo).

Thanks for clarify about VoS, I am going to do more crucible runs with it tomorrow, today whole day I spent listening to lokarr and recasting blade spirits after deaths in high shards, it’s enough definitely :sweat_smile:

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@mad_lee @Nery Thank you very much guys for advice, after softcaping VoS I did ~5:30 run without fishing for it!


I concur. With Dark Dreams and Hagarrad gloves, capped VoS is mandatory. Even (or maybe ESPECIALLY) for deep SR sometimes-gotta-kite kinda setups. When you’re often away, that radius matters.

Interesting binding of Wendigo to Amatok rune. increased chance and affects everyone you run over… But imo that Wendigo is an overkill with Scales and leech from Spirits already, isn’t it? Maybe for SR2000 but in anywhere else…

It works offensively too vs trash mobs. Charging through them and applying converted wendigo makes them melt faster so I can focus on harder enemies more. Like one charge is enough to destroy pack of white mobs usually. There is some flat vitality decay on 5th node so I can convert additional damage from it. I was trying something like Hawk and few points into Phoenix for additional ele dmg/crit or behemoth but my runs were on average like 10 seconds slower and HP had more jumps. It could be piloting issue since I am still kinda new student to Crucible Art :wink:

Thanks for the build! I’ll take the tanky one. :slight_smile:
What crafting bonuses do you recommend for dat version?

Thanks again!


I would recommend stun resistances, although I was playing this build without any crafted mods so it’s not any core of the build.


I was lvling a spellbraker, thinking to maybe transition into this build (the tanky version), as I have all the items and it really seems interesting. So, I got to ask, how scuffed is the build now, after the new patch, with the nerfed seal of the night component?

It shouldn’t break a build, still majority of damage comes from blade spirits.


Alrighty, thanks for the quick reply. Cheers!

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Nice build! Was leveling an infiltrator to try the Chillwhisper set but decided to try Rimetongue on that instead, really creative use of Arcanist support here. Any thoughts on using Nemesis or Belgo Carnage instead of Eternity on the tanky version since the granted skill doesn’t apply?

I am dumb and I used Eternity. Belgo is better for tank version because of more resets. However Iskandra balance and Nemesis is good choice too if you want some cat for companion :wink: Hourglass reset + maxed blade trap and mirror works enough.

I figure if you haven’t used Eternity without a caster off-hand… you probably haven’t played the game long enough to make the mistake :laughing:. I spent 2 months on my mageslayer spellbreaker with it. Thanks for the reply I’ll probably try both. I didn’t see anything on the forums, but has anybody tried to theorycraft Rimetongue on a spellbreaker?

Greetings, sir!
Is this build still actual after all last patches? Looking for one with using Chillwhisper set with its continous sustain.

Hello, I do not remember any broken nerfs or buffs so it still should work.

I still need to make this one. Playing something of yours that isn’t retal or a tanky-boy of some kind is just gonna feel wrong tho :wink:

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CDR version is still very tanky, you have god-mode most time due to barrier + mirror cycling and resets :smile:

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