[] Devastio, Pyran's Elemental Disciple - Devastation/Mortar Trap/Proc Sorc ~5:30 crucible 170

This will be yet another quick build share. I’ve been trying numerous versions different builds trying to maximize devastation uptime/effectiveness… here is the result. Magical elemental death and destruction raining constantly from the sky while fire, blizzards, chain lightning, and elemental explosions tear things apart on the ground. Hands down one the most visually appealing builds I’ve put together.

No green setup. Pyrans + Arcanum Frigus + devastation conduit + Eternity grants basically full uptime devastation that has a tooltip damage of near 60k with crucible buffs. (8.4 second cd, 8 second duration) Nightfire belt is taken to convert some of the fire from mortars to cold. The gear choices + devotion path is taken to help mitigate enemies that are highly resistant to a single element. Overall the damage spread is fairly even between cold and fire with a nice sprinkling of lightning as well.

Build clears crucible anywhere from just over 5 minutes to a bit over 6 depending on mutators/spawns. SR 65 was pretty easy. I didnt have 75 unlocked on this character or I would have tried, but Im certain it is possible with camera abuse/kiting/a few deaths.

Enjoy the show


Damn fireworks and falling rainbows and stuff. Bet this build have unicorns too :smile:

Very interesting concept and conflicting conversions leading to multi elemental Devastation effects. Also build looks like skill depending one.

HEy there,

really really like the build. I have a Pyran set lying around on my sorc for quite some time and finally a build for it :slight_smile:

Any recommendations to make the build a bit more sturdy and increase the def side?
I see that only the pants and maybe one ring can be switched to more deffensive choice ? What is your take here?

Thank you again for the nice build!!

I would start by taking points from spirit and investing in physique. This would allow for %armor crafts instead of %physique bonus. You also could switch to arcane harmony pants. This would give another crafting bonus and more da. You also could take ghoul over Leviathan… granted this would just be another cooldown/proc to watch for. Personally I find ghoul and blast shield double proc a lot meaning it isn’t adding a ton to the build. The main thing to staying alive is being aware of your blast shield and mirror cooldowns

fire to cold them cold to fire i don’t get it. it is a fire, cold or hybrid build? :thinking:

hybrid! mostly fire/cold, but a lil lightning too

Devastation deals like 85% cold 15% fire, mortars mostly fire with some cold and lightning, arcane currents have full aether to cold conversion. It works out to be a very nice blend that all bosses drop pretty quickly. Unlike how most solo cold builds have a slower slog against Kuba or fire against maiden or grava

Update :

I assembled the build yesterday , and it really looks bombastic !!

BUT maybe becazse i was really tired , it felt very squishy.
I will start on making the build a bit more sturdy the next couple days

Do you have any hints on maybe some greens to make the build a bit better on the def side?

It really relies on being aware of incoming damage. It is not meant to facetank in most cases you should kite when possible. Like I said above changing points from spirit to physique will help. Then changing components to something like this to increase armor/armor absorb + taking seal of ancestry. The goal for your 5 crafted pieces of gear would then become 1-2 %physique bonus then 3-4 %armor bonus. Having good rolls for %physical resist on the helm and boots are important as well.
you could do something like this

or double down on %armor bonus with hyrian instead of levi like so

in either case having mortars bound to bat + maintaining 4 summons is very important for sustaining healing. both the above setups probably come with a 10-20 second average added on crucible timers. also if simply wanting to farm crucible in a less stressful manner taking stonewall banner instead of vanguard adds about 30 second average to clear time and helps prevent deaths. I dont think the build is too terrible to pilot once you get the hang of watching cooldowns / knowing when+what to kite. I managed to clear 170 a few time without using potions even.