[] Druid - full regen health Wind Devil, SR 65+, Crucible Gladiator 170

link grimtools : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2mjDKnV


First time I make a topic for a build. I am not english native, and not as expert as you, so I will write just a little…

My druid was very very weak some days ago, I check and read a lot of builds here. And I decide to maximize my health regen. No


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w in ultimate difficulty, I can stay a long time in the Ether zone, or in the green corners of the Crucible without moving, my regen is higher thant the damage per seconds lool :joy:

I have boosted all the resist too, and find a balance between armor and damage.

My main attack is Stormfire with Wind Devil and Storm Totem.

I use the shield when I go higher in Crucible, SR or big end boss…

With Celestial, this build won’t work in Ultimate… I kill Callagrada in Elite, but It take ages lol :sweat_smile:


In gladiator, I stay in the middle without moving until 50 with the off hand, until 90 with the shield, then I move a little… At 130, I begin to use some potions… At 150, it becomes a bit hard, I take a lot of potions… The problem is the health is always full, and sometimes, bam You are oneshot by a critic or a cumulative damage…

With this health regen, it remains easy… I use the Stormcaller Beacons at max…


I use stone to check SR 50, and SR 65, and it works… The problem is the damages of this build are not enough to do this very quickly from 1 to 75. So without stone, bon courage… :joy:

Other aspects

  • I use the off hand Yeti Horn, for campaign, and easy zone, it’s very efficient, 4 Devil Winds, and more damage…

  • I use Glyph of Ghastly retreats, it has saved me a lot, from group of hero monsters…

  • I love the cinderwind of Cindertouch glove. Maybe, not the best choice for my build, but I love the aesthetic and combat technics : thunder electrocute winds + fire winds + lightning storm totem… :heart_eyes:

  • I have to modify the selected skills in the Devotion when I switch weapons… I have deactivated the switch pad button, too risky, I was always messing aroud in combat, switching weapon by error lol. So now, I decide before playing, what I do, and I choose the weapon, assign the skill in devotion…

I use a gamepad, here is the attack config when I use it :

In grimtools, I have some attributes and skills not used, I don’t understand why ??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_monocle:

I have used GD defiler to delete some bad choice in skills, maybe I do crap, :weary: (an elixir to reset skills will be soooooo welcomed)

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Wow nice build…can u give a leveling guide? What skills to level first and what stats to focus?

At very first, you can use Mogdrogen’s pact which is available soon, it offers some additional damages and health regen… (so choose first Shaman class).

Then, You can continue and activate quickly Wind Devil, they become powerful quickly.

As soon as you have Wind Devil, you can activate Arcanist Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange

You can use in Veteran game and early Elite game, a Melee Weapon and activate Savagery. But in the end game, you’ll have to remove and use more spell/cast attack…

Primal bond, and Mirror of Ereoctes become very useful against powerful enemies…

It’s obvious, but I made the error, so be carreful about the class training, do not exceed the 25th level in Arcanist if you want the exact same build. it’s a pain in the ass to remove it…

Hi thanks for the reply, but i do not quite understand what u mean by don’t exceed arcanist level 25? Kinda lost…can u explain please

You only need to put 25 points into the Arcanist’s mastery bar, i.e. don’t max it out to 50.

You have a potion which can reset all your devotions points, you have another one which can reset attributes point, but for the skills of your class, even if you can use a PNG who can reset skills, it’s impossible to reset the mastery bar, (I call that the “classtraining” because it’s the name in GD Defiler…)

here :

So if you put for exemple 30 skill points whereas you just need 25 in this bar, you have lost 5 points, and you can’t remove them… It’s a default of gameplay in my opinion… The only solution is to cheat things using GD Defiler, to mannually remove them, but it’s risky… it can mess up your build and crash with Steam Cloud etc… So the best is to be careful with those skill points attributions

This only happens with the base game. When AoM released you were then able to buy back points in the mastery bars as well at the Spirit Guide.

Damnnn I really miss that :grimacing::weary:

With the same PNG who remove skills ?

I don’t know about a potion which does the whole reset…

Yes, the Spirit Guide can give you back your skill points from both skills and mastery bars and they also give you back Devotion points if you don’t have the potion yet.

Only Devotion and Attribute points have potions for resetting, skill points don’t.

Yes…spirit guide can refund the skill points