[] DW melee - Thunderous Strike Lightning Conjurer!


Strormrend weapon allows you to create Primal Strike build without 2H weapon, you can have the standard version or spam Thunderous Strike instead. This is DW melee version of Thunder Conjurer.

Credit to @valinov for his early tests of DW Stormrend builds.


  • pic with permanent buffs only, DPS for Thunderous Strike

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25LKyPN

Why Conjurer?

Since Stormrend weapon don’t have attack speed bonus wanted to select a class with speed and RR, so two options, either Elementalist or Conjurer. I don’t like Mines without mods tough, Curse of Frailty is lot easier skill to activate and it’s nice procer. Plus Conjurer have higher physical resistance and extra heal, sold out.


Decided to use SR set, since DW melee Conjurer is super squishy otherwise. Option is 4 pcs Ultos set, that gives you better damage but even worse defense. Interesting take is 2pcs Ultos - head&shoulders, Fateweaver mantle and Occultist conduit for -15% RR but that leaves you with low +Shaman skills.

Support Gear:

Worth noting that the medal allows the build to wield two weapons. Barbaros pants have nice proc with % damage and attack speed, extremely valuable. Grey Magi’s are excellent overall boots. Belt is green, converting vitality damage into lightning.


Wanting to have nice balance for offense and defense and also cover the attack speed, which is important for any DW melee build. So Revenant for flat RR and attack speed, Ultos, Bat for life steal and defense, also present are Ghoul and Tower. Took Korvaak instead of Spear, mostly for OA/DA shred proc and also nice AoE damage bound to Wind Devils.


In Crucible build is solid most waves, Grava is real pain though. Also wave 169 requires some focus. Success rate isn’t impressive IMO. Times are around 6:45 on average, didn’t have luck to record really fast video, here’s one as 6:30.

In SR tried few times SR 75/76. It’s awkward, cause depends on bosses combinations is either face-roll, or instant death, no middle ground. Still with good playing SR 75 isn’t super hard, though 65 is better for reliable farming. Here’s video from full SR 75, without any tricks in the boss chunk.


Nice one Nery! Why is 75/76 binary? (faceroll or instant death) I mean stats looks pretty solid

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I think in SR 75 what kind of monsters and arena is spawned is extremely important. I had small arena in SR 76 with Slathasar, Ramsul and Kaisan came and boom, death before I can blink, nothing you can do. Also despite build have nice stats and overall tankiness, not enough damage absorb and no damage reduction can be crucial in some situation. Otherwise as you can see in the video, build can sustain itself against two Nemesis or few bosses at same time.

I had to use SR set in my PS trickster as well. Ultos set needs some CC resists to be worth taking without that 2H axe (and even with it is not that strong set). I plan to play DW PS elementalist soon with Ultos set and I am afraid that it will not be good with Ultos set, just like Trickster with Ultos. But I made Ultos set work with stormrend and a shield. I will post it tomorrow. I never understand how you can play builds with such low DA. If I am not above 2900 DA or close to 3000 DA I feel very uneasy playing with such builds.

Shielded version sound interesting.

Don’t forget that both Korvaak and Seal on annihilation have OA shreds, so effective DA is higher.

It is true but still very low DA even with shreds to me. Even with 3000 DA there are still some bosses in SR 65-66 that can crit you. The shielded version works OK with Ultos set. Does SR 65-66 OK. DW version is impossible to do with Ultos set.