[] DW Vitality Apostate - 6:08 Crucible 150-170, reliable SR 75-76

Just wanted to share with you guys a spec which is a bit of an oddity but actually works surprisingly well. I don’t play crucible but this guy reliably farms sr 65-66 and most the time with 0 deaths even with DA mutator debuff. I haven’t tested him in sr 75 yet but i think its doable with good piloting and depending on mutators The spec is fun to play but can feel a bit piano for melee sometimes (at least for me because im old)

EDIT: SR75-76 completed multiple times, obviously occasional deaths depending on boss combos and mutators but its really quite reliable. Helps to use DA/OA pots if you get DA mutator. Ugdensalve and royal jelly essence if you get -HP mutator.

Grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/aZqkQ9A2

Sheet dps shown is with deadly aim, soul harvest and dying god up. Helm crafted for stun resist.

The key with this spec is debuffing large groups of enemies with word of pain, which has all as many points as possible in all its nodes. It clears trash incredibly fast. Start by debuffing with word of pain then keep your soul harvest buff up. Charge through packs of mobs with Amatoks Breath which is fully converted to vitality and vitality decay. Use pet attack command when needed. Ill omen is kept on CD against powerful enemies and inquisitor seal is indispensable when fighting large packs or standing in aoe’s whilst facetanking stuff. Mark of torment is there as an oh shit button.

This spec is scrambling to get attack speed, i get it from as many sources as possible. Dread skull in medal, shattered soul in chest, seal of annihilation, consecrated wrappings and from devotions such as okain’s lantern and spider. The result is 175% attack speed with good rolls, which goes up to about 185% during dying god proc. I tested with different gloves for higher attack speed but the results were no better, i think in large to the spec not just relying on autoattack to deal good damage, and the proc and OA from valguur gloves is extremely good.

Physical resist is at 35% with my rolls and armor just over 2k but with 100% absorb. Tested with prismatic diamond and it messed up my resists and didn’t seem to help with surving at all.
The build facetanks all nemesis but be careful with fabius if you have DA mutator and try not to take gravas null orbs to the face. Kuba is also an issue with his huge vitality resist and if you stand in his blood pools whilst face tanking him (like i do in my video) the damage reduction stacks up and he can take a long time to kill.

Try not to spam word of pain senselessly or you will drain your energy alot but other than that this build leeches pretty well.

Crucible 6:08 by RomanSLAYER with 3 blessings 1 banner

I recorded boss chunks of sr75 and sr76, first runs I did with the build
here is a vid of SR 75 boss chunk:


Let me know if you want the character file to play with. Suggestions are welcome as long as they dont involve less attack speed or more squishiness lol


Have you tried to skip WoP line (save for the main skill for the debuff) and increase arcane empowerment for more dmg to your wpn attacks?

yeah i did try maxing it out, sheet dps was a little bit higher but i hated the idea of only getting that boost whilst standing in seal. I found maxing out all those word of pain nodes was surprisingly good because every bit of that elemental damage is converted to vitality.

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and dont go by that shitty video. i just did an sr 66 and had gargabol in his second form and 2 ben jarrs on me. they all died and i didnt.

Actually now WoP is perhaps the best Inquisitor skill and excellent procer, plus it have damage conversion.

Nice build @Ymiraku , like the concept melee attacks+AoE clear but I would try to include either Ghoul or Wendigo.

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thanks mate, ill do some decent vids later of a full sr 65-66 run and even try sr 75-76. I would love ghoul and wendigo but i have no idea how to include them without compromising important stats.

Edit: I can get ghoul in there by dropping bat and its actually better with the nice bonuses of the nodes although im not sure what is best to bind it to with the 15% proc rate. Sheet dps on autoattack is pretty much the same. When bound to bone harvest it procs 51% of the time and with word of pain only 15%. if only it had 25% base proc chance :frowning:

improved build a little to include wendigo and linked vids of sr75 and sr76 boss chunks. I should have recorded the whole run because they could show how quickly this guy mows through packs of bosses etc.

Uploaded a video of crucible 150-170 run

What an interesting build.

Do more, please.

Thankyou friend. Damage of this build has improved a bit with recent patch. I have other builds but nothing really unique and new.

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Have you tried a set up using Ghoul or Scales? Nice build btw I am leveling an Apostate because of this :))

Edit: nvm