[] Elementalist + strong health regeneration. Crate of Entertainment, Ravager, Avatar, 85 SR, crucible 150-170

Hi, everybody. I would like to show my version of an unusual elementalist through health regeneration. As is often thought, the Elementalist has a poor survival rate. But this is not about this build. A huge indicator of health regeneration, turns this build into a mini tank. Able to stand still and hold a punch, with super bosses like Avatar and Ravager. Also, I would like to note that this build uses such forgotten things as Touch of Purity, Tinker is Ingenuity and Gollus Rings. You can also make a higher rate of health regeneration, but do not forget about damage and other parameters. They also need to be kept at a good level so that this build can play well. My results of this build are shown in the video below.

Special thanks to Safarel Discord Community

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4NOPy7K2



Crate of Entertainment 1m 33s

Ravager 3m

Avatar 3m 30s

Lokarr 21s

Clones Of Bourbon

Mad Queen

85 SR

The Iron Maiden in 85 SR


Wow cool build! Do you recommend for HC playing? :slight_smile:

edit: sheeet 3 MIs… What do you suggest instead of them? I’m using gdstash only for storing, not cheating, so they need insane farming (boring) time to get it.

Cool concept , like it.

Usually Elementalist is very squishy combo, but at same time both classes have energy regeneration, so why not use it to your advantage. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice build! I was literally trying to theorycraft a health regen elementalist with stormrend yesterday :rofl: this might give me some inspiration.

MIs are nothing that should make you not play a build nowadays imo (unless they have like mandatory full triple rare nemesis MIs). You can use open hand/closed fist rings instead of gollus rings. The offhand is kinda irreplaceable, but I’m sure you are fine with different affixes aswell as long as you get fire damage on at least one of them (or samdstorm prefix). Full pyran’s set with pyran’s offhand might work aswell I guess.

@AlexGoldFish_322 what do you think about pyromancer for this build?

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USED my lucky ticket today i think… Got Inquisitor prefix and VOIDFIRE suff on Terrnox off! YAY!
But i’m mindlessly farming Gollus for nature suffix but… no luck there, keep farming… If i not get nature rings i would swap to your suggestion, ty Rekt! :slight_smile:

(And god bless @GlockenGerda for making us GI coz i (we) can use insta teleport feature, without it would be super boring not just boring :sweat_smile:)

Very nice build. Incredible passive health regen. I’d have thought the fumble from flashbang would be really nice to help overcome low armor/damage spikes, hotbar definitely has a lot of spare room :stuck_out_tongue:

Or use the slith tincture.

Edit: Also 12 points into wendigo totem may be better than max mog pact. +20% healing effect should be juicy with that. Maybe dump mog pact for both totem and searing light. Just a thought.

I couldnt be happier that the days when people mocked health regen builds are over! This looks awesome! Iove Touch of Purity (my favorite weapon!)

Yet another build ill have to try. Thank you for sharing!


I love this build…can u give us a leveling guide based on your build? Thank you.