[] Fire Doom Bolt piano Pyromancer caster


Recently some of the exotic conduits were buffed(thanks Z), so I scouted them in order to find something I can play and liked the idea for fire/burn Doom Bolt build. DB have only one skill node, so it’s easy to max it, plus Conduit+medal convert 100% of chaos and vitality to fire. So next…


  • perma buffs only, sheet DPS for Doom Bolt

  • damage spreadsheet for Doom Bolt

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0beX9N


The gear is mix between DB items and classical fire Demo. Doom Bolt is powered by the mods from Conduit, MI medal and Gloves(very important for CD).

Grim Fate+Cyclone boost the Termite Mines, now they deal damage and also provides good amounts of RR. Boots are fro stun and pants for slow. Rings gives me BWC bonus and nice resistances. Relic is wildcard, I choose Eternity for the proc.

  • crafts with % physique


Magi+Meteors for the fire show, decided to skip flat RR source, since BWC provides it. Ghoul+Bat is standard, also Phoenix and Turtle.


Interesting fact is that I don’t use any skills with weapon damage and thus no life steal. Build is glassy, actually Pyro is inherently glassy class. So I use many sources of damage absorb - Blast Shield, Possession, Boots proc, Prismatic Diamond, Turtle and Phoenix. Also Giant’s Blood on Blast Shield, Ghoul and Bat. And still burst damage is quite dangerous. And build is susceptible against some opponents/combos.


Clear rate isn’t good in 150/170, sometimes is frustrating to play great and die against 169/170. Mad Queen is also really hard.

Times are OK, AoE damage is exceptional but single target is mediocre. My average times are around 6:40 perhaps, video from my fastest try - 6:14!


Hey, gratz for posting this!

If you are having consistency problems with current Crucible I would recommend getting more physical res in the build. 20% for such a glassy concept is not enough, imo. I would try and get at least 5% more. Maybe belt with Pierce to Fire conversion is worth giving a shot for better Bat healing.

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Thanks, it’s interesting setup!

Not sure if I can afford to drop the belt though. Perhaps I can take off hand to boost the heal from Sigil?

Physical res, I agree for Occultist caster 20%(22% in game) isn’t very high.

Have you tried hellscourge or judgment of empyerion? Both look really good here

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I wanted Cyclone for better mines, but Hellscourge is tempting, in order to buff further Sigil of Consumption. No Idea about Judgment :thinking:

That’s a Vitality off-hand isn’t it? So I think no (although Skull of Gul’Zantash offers a nice shield). But I think you gotta take phys res either in boots slot or pants slot or in both. Maybe like this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2B9m0JN

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I mean exactly the Hellscourge!

Yes, slow res isn’t that important, plus it can be obtained via the craft bonus, I dig your idea.

Hellscourge should fix the squishy. The proc is really nice and covers your hole of not having %magic damage reduction on the build, extra healing from seal and the proc

Edit: just saw the proc no longer has adcth? When was it changed… Hmm

I guess Hellscourge was deeemed “too good”, lmao )))

Sorry for posting this rather late after you’ve shown it, but I had the same idea running a Fire Doom Bolt build, only mine was a Sentinel with near maxed Judgment for the extra sense of smiting from above (not the skill Smite, but the sense of sending a Bolt of Fire down from the Heavens).

Fire Doom Bolt + Judgment Sentinel
Does anyone have thoughts as to what I can do to improve this build? I was more focusing on ensuring maximum Ascension time with Time Dilation, since global Crit damage and Doom Bolt Crit damage are yummy and maxing out all of the secondary resists is really good to have as well.

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Very cool concept! You want me to add it to OP or maybe you’ll post it?

Btw if you use Stormfire you need lot more cast speed. And even on piano build you will have slow animations.

You can add it to the OP. I have a lot of other builds I’d like to try out and I’d like to see how others could improve on the concept.

I wasn’t sure of which weapon component to use - I don’t use Stormfire that much, but the extra Crit damage and Physical to Fire conversion for stronger Meteors looked like it would be better than other components. I figured Meteors would have been the best single-target option since there’s a lot of boulders and a lot of Fire damage I can take advantage of.

Thanks for the idea, really better than my previous pyro caster. Here is my version (https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2p5r96V) without SoC, plus capped resistances. Feels pretty reliable in Cruci 150-170 with just 3 blessings. I like relaxed playing and don’t measure exact time, but it’s around 9 min. Everything but MQ and Grava are facetankable, not bad for caster.

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Yeah, SoC is helping with survival. It’s not the tankiest caster but I tried building multiple defenses. For offense build was buffed both conduit for Doom Bolt and Mines have better range.

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Piano, you say9950586562ac08c1b8b85dcef438344d 1


Amateur, you’ve wasted a slot for a health potion. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: