[] Gholdemort - Acid Pet Conjurer permanent cat, Crucible 150-170/SR 75


  • Acid pets&scary cat


I haven’t noticed any acid pets Conjurers, so time to diversifies the pet builds family. Actually Ghol set is working the best as Ritualist and even Cabalist have more damage but Conjurers is very sturdy and balanced class.

Credit to @Maya for helping me understand pets and to @plasmodermic for his Ghol Ritualist tests.


  • pic with permanent buffs

  • pet stats panel with basic auras and permanent buffs active

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: CLICK ME


Key here is the Ghol set, boosting pets acid damage and granting extra pet as complete set bonus. In order to achieve 100% uptime of Primal Spirit(Cat) you need Necrolord helm, also Bound Wraith. For off-hand crucial stat is the CDR roll on it, 17-18% is recommended. The other green MI is this ‘‘stick’’ with Briathorn bonus. Amulet/pants are open for personal taste, rings are BiS for acid pets, also Mogdrogen Relic for +1 all skills.

  • crafts are with %physique for bigger health pool and DA.


Wanted to use Moggy for extra pets speed/stats, pick also nice pets boosting devotions and take Leviathan proc for some AoE damage. Rumor is here to reduce enemies acid resistances.


Did few runs in Crucible, nothing spectacular, should make 3 runs within buffs duration, here’s video of 7:25.

In terms of Crucible opponents , I hate Alex the most, since meteros can hurt badly the pets, especially if debuffed and Alex is also crazy resistant to acid. I tend to prioritize killing healers, Sentinel and nasty debuffers. 157 for example have nasty heroes that can harm you/your pets.

In SR tried with same setup and was able to clear 75 with careful picking of enemies 1 on 1, guess some bosses combos will be easy, while some combinations or opponents very tough. So I suggest more defensive oriented devotion map with Ishtak devotion, something like this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2MrKr1V

So here’s my video from full 75th shard:


Conjurer is a beast, no matter what dmg type you choose :slight_smile: Cool build!

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Conjurer is so tough, I am afraid to try Cabalist or Ritualist :sweat_smile:

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And you have done it again :scream:

I always wanted to see how a ghol Conjurer would perform and results are impressive


Also, if you have any ideas for Cabalist/Ritualist, I say go fir it. Both your pet builds have been both unique, interesting and rather quite powerful. I want to see what else you come up with :yum:


Thanks for your words of encouragement!

It’'s tough to be original in pet builds, most of the good stuff are being figured by the pet masters like you, Siga and Duskdeep. All we can have now is @Plasmodermic suicide squad members :smile:

I can try chaos 1H+OFF Reap Spirit+Dog or not…


I have been testing @Crittrain’s Chaos Conjurer and can say that Chaos Pets are once again in a rather strong position.

And yes, chaos Reap Spirit + Dog should work. In Crucible, there might be a bit of a problem with not having much AoE, but if you fix that, it will work beautifully.


Great stuff nery :+1: that is very different


Do me a favor. when u freetime pls test this one, and give me some feedback.


Man the only way I can get salazar to be worthwhile is when all his damage is converted to whatever maintype your going for, He is so damn slow that when he hits you want every ounce of it cause he does do massive damage

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I will try it, no problems.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


I choice Salazar cause can make Primal Spirit 22lv, and have cdr% and Pet RR. also will easy get this weapon on v1170
Total 30% CDR. Primal Spirit 0s CD . 0.7s Oleron


I did few runs in Crucible with this setup, times are virtually indistinguishable from the original build. Extra pet and ranks in key minions helps of course but attack speed is lower, same as damage. In theory should be slightly more faster on average.

Also worth mentioning Alex is even worse for this spec, Oleron proc also is on 0.7 sec and is nice but Leviathan covers bigger ground. I think in conclusion that the best setup will be perhaps mix of both builds :thinking:


@maya @Crittrain some different Gholdemort idea, vitality Blight Fiends Cabalist. Damn those medal’s conversion is screwing me a bit. Skele Servant is mega cool though, mini Ilgor :smile:


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Interesting idea, but a few things I wanted to point out.

All Flat Vitality gets converted to Acid on Fiends due to Ghol Medal conversion :stuck_out_tongue:. So not sure how much value you will get out of stuff like Soul Harvest.

Also wanted to point out something because I first made the mistake when starting out.
Though you probably already know, this part only applies to the player: image
(Yes, even though the skill is a Pet skill :frowning: )

You can get Reap spirits to 23/16. So definitely recommend that since those should boost your damage by a decent amount.

I am not a fan of Og’Napesh. So, maybe I am being biased here, but I think something like Gate to many Worlds (yup, that one) might be the better choice if you are looking for an extra pet :stuck_out_tongue:

And on a closing note, I really don’t like Revenant Skeletons on Pets after trying it on my Reap Spirit Ritualist. But I hope they fare better here.

And other than all that, build looks solid and like your other 2 Pet builds, is interesting and unique. So, I am looking forward to seeing them in action :blush: