[][HC] Purple Devastation Mage Hunter - SR 50+

I thought I would post this since it worked out much better than I expected it to. I have not tested it out against content other than SR however. The bulk of the damage of this build does not come from Devastation but the visual is nice and fitting alongside Tome of Arcane Wastes.

I believe ghoul would be superior as it usually is, but I wanted health regen and Behemoth proc instead. The great defences of the build allow for it, but the weakness of regen will show itself if you try to go deep in SR.

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZwE6Xn2

SR 65: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hmzu3W6wbE&feature=youtu.be

Ascendant Hood can be farmed using the following route (IIRC Elite is best):

Gameplay: Avoid fighting on stairs or obstacles as dps slows as in video vs Fabius. Keep 3 storm box up on separate hero/boss, rotate healing between Behemoth, WoR, pots. Avoid using mirror at full health so you can heal. Royal Jelly ointment + Ugdenjuice are a great combo.

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I have similar build https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2Ek1X7Z
I do not play HC, but this build did easy SR 65-66 on softcore. I think you could push yours more. I have not optimized the build yet.

Eh. I’m not good at playing it so I rip’d at some point, can’t remember how, the char has been dead in the intro screen for a long time :wink:. I just kept it to post at a later date.

I’m sure it could go further. In HC I have not yet pushed much further than 50 due to the risk. I guess since it can be deleted now, I’ll give 60+ a bash before I do it and update the vid.

Edit: 65 SR and beyond is quite a bit harder. With good piloting it is doable though, arcane currents don’t like stairs or obstacles, and keeping up 3 storm box tethers is very important.

good to see a build that needs that helmet, because I have one saved from long ago with very good stats

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Nice. Even if you don’t have one, farming does not actually take very long. I didn’t have a helmet in advance of this and it took ~2 hours or so of target farming. The hero spawns in the route above are plentiful and quick to spam on Elite.

Fitting Theme song for the build

Wow ! This build looks great ! I have a similar build to this but it revolves are Callidor Tempest + Devastation. Im also using Mirrors of Ereoctes, Word of Renewal, Word of Pain and Inquisitor Seal. It works really well so far but haven’t tested it too much in High SR yet only in loew 15-20 SR but will try to go for higher shard once I’m done with the FG content.

This is my Mage Hunter build so far

Check it out and let me know what you think