[] Lazy physical warder

Updated build 4/11/20:
Changed components on gloves/belt for better resist overcaps, as well as some augments. Helm now crafted for slow resist. Moved points from MC for better CC resists. Overall much smoother game play. Farming SR 75-76 is consistent. Finally took this char to crucible, cleared with zero difficulty. Since I had to start from wave 1, I have no idea clear speed times as my goal was to see if build could handle the clear. Someone else can feel free to test. I hate crucible.

This is my main grim dawn char I’ve been tweaking for some time and I feel I’ve gotten it as good as I can. Original concept I followed from this great post https://forums.crateentertainment.com/t/45557.
Goal was to be tanky, do great damage, and have as few buttons to press as possible.

Grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkP7qB2

The build:
3.2k OA, spikes to 3.6k with procs
3.1k armor with perma dryads blessing, 3.3k with decree proc
20k health
2.8k DA, 3k with procs.
37% physical resist, 62% with avenger proc.
Most resists well overcapped. Poison is weak link, countered by dryad blessing and heart of the wild
Sustain via health regen and adtch: 2.3k health regen, 4.5k with avenger proc, 13% adtch, with multiple %health gain procs
Doomforce to mouse up, health pot to side mouse button = no keyboard buttons to press (yay!)
70% stun, 71% slow, 54% freeze.
Craft for stun resist on chest/helm, +armor on amulet
Shields from Seal of Ancestry and crab
Cunning dumped for damage and OA

Poison resist is lowish, (could put antivenom salve or an udgenbog on belt), but I personally find I don’t really notice it due to my reduced poison duration. And I prefer the enchanted earth for the concept i’m going for, which is huge health regen to compliment adtch and procs.

Able to facetank just about everything. Mad queen, Lokaar, Ravager, Mogdrogen, all rogue dungeon bosses, all nemesis besides Grava, have to dodge his null, other than that its fine. Haven’t tried Calla on ultimate, but I doubt I could facetank her. Farms 75-76 SR with no real issues. I don’t play crucible much, but I’m pretty sure this could do well, I’ll try someday.

Build is super fun. Tanky as all get out. Damage I feel is strong. And its nice to just jump in, pound things into the ground, and move on. No complicated piano key smashing, or cooldown management, just simple killing. Nice and lazy.

Anyways, enjoy. Any feedback appreciated, always looking to improve as this is by far my favorite char. Thanks.


Nice build and good use of hp regen bonus. Also like your devo route.

Some suggestions:

War Cry (1 point) and Break Morale (go for 12/12) are i think mandatory for your build. Really need to find points for it. Reducing incoming dmg and - 30% RR is no joke.

Lose some points from Squad Tactics (-3) and Scars of Battle (-1), maybe also Veterancy pr MC.

Menhir’s Will is a great 1 point wonder.

Totally agree with your concept of keeping it simple, but efficient :slight_smile:

I am no Touch Typist or a Pianist and I find the less keys I have to focus on, the better I can fight with that character. The trap you fall into when new to the game is "You feel like a Shark in a Paddling Pool " and you want ALL the skills from BOTH classes.

Later on as you start to work out the mechanics of the different combinations you realize that it is important to focus on just a few key skills in the classes for your build and sanity prevails.

Yes, there are builds that do require many key assignments to perform (I also have quite a few), but they do require great concentration and agility on the keyboard and as you say, if you are in a lazy mode and just want to SMASH - Why not?

I love both the modes, just depends on if I feel like having an arsenal of spells like “Doctor Strange” or just be rampaging around like the “Hulk”. :muscle:

I use to run warcry, but after testing, it’s just not worth the points. Kill things so fast as is, after I stopped use it I never felt I missed it. Plus it’s another button to press. And who needs that.

One point from veterancy can be put into menhir, which I usually do if I’m running higher SR. For other content I don’t bother, you never get low enough on health for it to pop,

When I see people dropping skills because “extra button to press”


Veterancy is useless past 6/10, it literally saves you 1 point of physique. Same goes for military conditioning, which I’d keep at 10/10 instead.

You take veterancy for the health regen. Saving points in physique is just a bonus. But agreed, if a point has to come out from somewhere, its from there, as I do when I feel I need run menhirs will.

Military conditioning points is for the 20K health. With all the +% health procs this build runs, I highly value the health pool. But I’ll try running with 10/10 and reallocate the points. Worth trying out. Thanks.

no warcry? going to have some RR issues here relying on 25% flat RR from tip the scales. combo has RR issues anyway even if you take it from everywhere you can get.

I haven’t run into any RR issues. Test it out on this build, but I don’t find using warcry noticeably speeds up any content that I do. Have run with Break Morale 12/12 and not at all, and I honestly prefer not using it. But to each their own

I spent 3 hours farming mats to put this together exactly like you have it (I was low on the rarer mats cuz I just geared out another toon the other day and don’t’ run SR/Crucible) since I happened to have all the gear laying around. I blew through some nemesis, Ancient Grove, Kra’vall, etc etc those kind of things. I was wondering how you were doing this with NEGATIVE 5 poison resist and then I realized that I had totally forgot to buy the faction powders. I face tanked all that crap with zero faction augments; used a poison resist pot though =p

Wanted to write all of that to say: I love this build. It’s freaking awesome. Thanks for sharing it. Currently on my way to the Heretic Tomb now that I’m augmented out haha.

Took your advice, and after testing, glad I did. The points I had in military conditioning were wasted, going 10/10 now. Good call.

To Buddy, glad you like the build. Its fun just facetanking everything.

Congrats to the build!
I’m looking for the Avenger’s Set for… like, years now, but could only get the shoulder (twice…). Hoping I can replicate the build one day :stuck_out_tongue:

I just came back to play again after about a year off, I had most of the items for this build and was able to farm what I didn’t. Definitely a chill, tanky build. As a poor to mediocre pilot I was doing crucible 150-170 in 10 minutes best time.

At work currently, but I’ll update build with some adjustments I’ve made for resistances and quality of life. Glad you enjoyed the build.

I’m Lazy, I hate cool downs, and I love both Facetanking my enemies damage and Pounding them into the Ground before moving on!

So i’m Frenzied about working towards this build! Only one small concern - i’m on my very first play through ever and only at lvl 11… do you have a leveling guide for this build?

Also, I’m playing multiplayer with friends and finding i have a tendency to fall behind / be out of position when we run into combat. Is Blitz good while leveling?


I level with primal strike until 94 then switched to this build. And yes, use blitz for movement, it’s actually very good for trash mobbing

Awesome build! I’m thinking of doing this build too, would it be possible to level with Savagery or is Primal Strike just way better?

I think leveling with primal strike is the better option. Past couple updates made this build better than it was. Still my favorite build

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Given the buff to Dire Bear and Maul devotion, would you add it to this build? If so, what changes would you make to accomodate?

Been trying this devotion path, so far liking it.

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