[] No-set Fire Mortar/Canister hybrid Sorc 5:15-6:00 CR/95 SR/75-76 easy farm/Crate killer

Hello. I’ve decided to make build with both good single target damage, good aoe and good survival. I’ve endeded with fire mortar traps/canister bombs hybrid Sorcerer without using any set, all greenless. Currently the only celestial I’ve killed is Crate (easy), later maybe I will attempt others.

I’ve never seen concept like that but if someone made it, please remind me so I will add credits for pioneer.

I made 2 versions, both good all-round. One is more DPS oriented (still with very good survivality, can handle whole 75-76 rooms and has 100% consistency in CR with sub6 min every run), second one is more tanky oriented, should be HC viable (95sr video showcase, 6-6:30 times, unkillable).

DPS version: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2EkAr8Z

I found devotion route with both damage and survival (ghoul and behemoth mainly). Hourglass is not really needed, we have enough resets and I could focus on more green/purple devotions.

Tank version: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2B0OKwZ

A lot of health regen, more resets for Mirror from hourglass and absorbtion from Phoenix. Less AOE procs. A little bit slower (around 1 min in Crucible), more forgiving, easier to play and more SR suited.

Ring of Khonsar may be strange choice but it gives us a lot of OA, nice resistances overcaps and additional damage with on attack proc.

5:15 run with DPS version, didn’t really go longer than 5:30. More experienced speedrunner should go sub5, should be even easier to achieve if going more glassy like 2x enchanded flint on weapon/offhand and ravager’s rage augument maybe, some fantasy rare pants and Moltenclaw Slicer maybe.

6:00 run with Tank version, average 6-6:30. Totally braindead, just stay in the middle and tank everything.

Shard 95 showcase with Tank setup

Shard 80 showcase full room agro with DPS setup. Still it’s better to agroabuse in 75-76 because game allows to do that, so why not? In smaller arena attacking all bosses at once when they have more agressive bosses like Kaisan/Reaper may be not the best idea.

Crate killed pretty easy, around 1 minute with DPS setup.



Nice build, Sorcs are burning with passion! :sun_with_face:

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Thank you! I’ve tryied this setup with shieldbreaker too, seems a little bit faster but much less comfortable to play.

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So for someone who is kinda new to the game (only played a dw blademaster before). Could you perhaps do a quick rundown of skills / devotion order for a fairly smooth leveling experience? as well as if ther are something easy to farm to get going? Thanks a bunch in advance, looks like a fun build!

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Hey, I will try to help as much as I can! First of all I will call our leveling master @malawiglenn for additional help. For beginner I would choose Tank devotion tree, should make whole experience easier for sure. I would do that in this order:

  1. Red point
  2. Viper
  3. Green point
  4. Hawk
  5. Blue point
  6. Behemoth
  7. Remove green and red point.
  8. Solael’s Witchblade
  9. Yellow point
  10. Panther
  11. Alladrah’s Phoenix and remove Hawk
  12. Eel
  13. Solem Watcher
  14. Remove yellow point
  15. Ghoul
  16. Sailor’s guide
  17. Aeon’s Hourglass
  18. Lion
  19. Tree of Life

I am sure you can start leveling with fire damage but I am not sure exactly about best skill points route. That’s why I called malawigleen because I can’t find any beginners guide for similar setup. Let’s wait a little for some help :wink: I was leveling demolinist class with stunjacks and Lokarr set always. Weapon for what you should go with canister bomb: https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/12460

Good stuff Alkamoslover

I think @Nery had some idea about budget sorc

Leveling should be pretty straightforward for starters, I would first pick solo demo and go with transmuted BWC, and Mines - others prefer stun jacks. You can invest a few points into arcanist, just to get mirror and freeze flash to have a panic button and to control crowds of lesser monsters better.

Weapon, the one alkamoslover linked to, off-hand you can farm Terrnox once you get to him and get a decent version of this off-hand https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/8590

There are so many good mastery combos, hard to make a budget build and leveling guide for all of them :smiley:

Otherwise, have a look at my shieldbreaker skater, it is not exactly the same playstyle but its still heavily relying on fire spells and can be modified later on (I choose to focus on vire might due to vanquish set)

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I couldn’t find any sorc guides in compendium, maybe it’s outside.
I think after getting some more skill points bwc can be changed into canister bomb (with moltenclaw slicer) and maybe mortar traps. With this devotion route health regen and defensive procs will be so high that no enemy in campaign should be a problem, just run around.

@GibbY You can always post here your leveling “diary”, it will be even easier to help you. Remember GD is not punishing in terms of respecing your build like PoE or D2 is. It’s possible to change for totally another build in just few minutes :grinning:

Thank you so much guys! I’ll start in a day or two and see how it goes! :smiley:

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Hi Alkamos,
Ravager/Calla should be defeatable with this build right with kiting?Damage output seems sufficient. Thanks

Sure, you can kill these superbosses with most kiting builds. If you try to speedrun them there it may be dangerous only and need extra caution. With tank setup these bosses should be easier for sure.