[] [Shield-Ranged] Evil Dreeg's Eye + Aegis of Menhir Sentinel [SR+]

Shield-wielding citer on Deception of Dreeg set.

ig-screen-1 ig-screen-2

Main off skills - Evil Dreeg’s Eye, Aegis of Menhir
Support Skills - Bloody Pox, Curse of Frailty, Blood of Dreeg, Ascension, Guardian of Empyrion
Passive Skills - Path of The Three, Presence of Virtue, Resilience, Safeguard

Can close 80 SR:


  • Resilient enough to survive on high SR.
  • Huge physical resist >60.
  • Good mass damage.
  • Can be 75% of the time under Ascension due to Time Deletion


  • Low single target damage.
  • No so high DA and armor.
  • Not so easy to play without GrimInternals because of the necessity of being aware of all cooldowns.

Room for improvement:

  1. Suppose to replace rings with Rings of Shuroth and craft better boots.
  2. Completely upgrade Stone Form and Time Dilation proc
  3. Replace Deception of Dreeg set with Daega set + Conduit + some magic weapon.

You might want to try Aegis of Menhir without the transmuter, it looks like a damage loss for you as you have very little Retaliation damage.

Yeah, i though about that