[] Silver Wyrm (c+) (sr+)

This is a quick build drop showcase inspired by recent thejabrixone’s excellent Runebinder build.

Those who know me in these forums might know that Silver Sentinel was one of my very favorite sets, and the indignity of “adjusting” (pfff…) blue items and therefore nerfing Silver - it left a scar… Just because of his color (sic!) and the fact that Northern Wyrm weapon now gives previously unattainable pierce to cold, Runebinder 4pc set - as demonstrated in the build linked above - is now king of the runes. But… is it really? :smiling_imp:

Here’s the build. It’s squishy, can’t do SR75, but this is based on a blue set that has no stats. Trying to make it tanky makes little sense.

(no WoR)

NO-GREEN GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2Mr6lQV

  • crafted with 4xstun res,
  • for more health/da do physique dump, take points from Blade Spirit and put the in Seal, Vigor and WoR, etc
  • Saves: _Maraph.zip (1.1 MB)
  • Crucible 4+3 (4:57) https://youtu.be/Z1mAY28vX8k

Gearwise cookie cuttery belt and pants because can’t get 20 Artifact Handling and 24 Spirits by use of Nightfire belt and REaper pants without losing ranks in RoH. Devos are interesting, imo better than thejabrixone’s.

(SLIGHTLY) FANTASY SETUP A’LA THEJABRIXONE https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4VxX3QpV

This concept is better. Kudos to @thejabrixone for discovering it.


Here’s easy SR75 no death vid: https://youtu.be/kPElgamfZ-Y

2 simple changes made:

  • only 30 points in spirit and rest in physique (or whatever proportion feels comfortable)
  • Seal of Shadows instead of Seal of Blades (two reasons: 1) Biting Blades lower the strain on energy allowing for more physique dump, 2) Biting Blades have much higher % weapon damage and heal better than Chillspikes)

I did 4:53 with a similar build with dawnshard gloves for 20/10 Artifact Handling. Can confirm it’s powerful

I was eyeing those gloves but I decided to stick to cookie cuttery Hagarrads as they give some rr through Night Chill, non-trivial ticks to VoS and the missing 10% pierce to cold. And frostburn.

Take this setup for a spin. I’m sure you could do 4:30.

Good old squish - The Silver Sent. Live fast, die on your sword (or from another swing of that nerfhammer). Sad to see the amount of res/stats that set gives.

I would’ve went for Biting Blades here but other than that - well done. I mean, you did all you could here.

I tried Biting. Chillspikes got better stats and more dmg. The only hope at beating jabrix’s time on my pc was to just max the damn dmg.

Frankly I don’t like Biting. I know it’s strong but it just seems slow.

Stealth over health yo

It’s a blue set. Blue set = not an endgame set. That’s the intent. You can get dmg if you try but trying to make it a solid “everyone’s” build makes little sense.

But seriously it needs health and energy…

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You did a sub 5min run with that set and it is not endgame?

Isn’t health an “issue” in general for infiltrator? Don’t think I have seen a reasonable one with more than 12k tbh. But don’t you think in general that you have to balance dmg vs. survivability? To me, it seems that you both want to eat the cookie and keeping it.

@ya1 Btw. I saw that you had Breath of Belgothian taken in your build https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV99oWlV Get rid of it.

@thejabrixone Damn your idea of Nightfire belt and Reaper pants is better even at the cost of ranks in RoH. Just beat my record with Resistant and cast speed mutator. Will update soon.

Silver is indeed stronger than Runebinder. One reason - Starfury amulet.

Yes. I did. I don’t know why it’s there.

Now you’ve done it ya. I will polish it again now.
BTW, Chillwhisper version might also be a competition, higher cast speed and able to wield starfury. I will revamp my devo again. Hydra is indeed to delicious to pass up.

BTW, I thought we want rune to be buffed? :crazy_face:

I almost made a similar build before getting sidetracked. Here’s an incomplete draft, no augments on gear: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZD9mLWN

My version had 2H winter king sword (for HP and phys res), and alkamos rings to make up the conversion. You end up with 80-96% conversion, depending on rolls.

Also consider changing censure to conviction. The RR can made up with the set + winter king sword + combustion relic. For phys res, you got 25% more from the sword + conviction alone, not to mention kraken and other gear. Also huge OA bonus. Then I spec’d devotions for armor (obelisk, hammer, etc). 2700 armor + 40% phys is sweet, but I never finished this build so who knows.

But you have to break the set down and with it its best part - the mods. 4pc Chillwhisper almost doubles Blade Spirit output and gives the crazy sustain.

But on the other hand Silver Sentinel also gives shit all except ranks (and that missing 10% pierce to cold.)

Your devos here are pretty well balanced for good regen and phys res. But max dmg setups imo do need more oa. Frostburn is also a big part of it so I’m not so crazy about Leviathan unless you can take all 7 nodes (and ideally not drop Amatok - which was possible on Morgo).

Not bad. But I think Bane even with all its baneness is not better than my all-time faves double Chillhearts with Elemental Seekers. Those ranks to inqui are super important. Though 10% cdr is another 0.1-0.2s cdr to RoH.

But, anyway, no, Wyrm is the thing. Wyrm is what RoH has been waiting for for ages.

Just a few details like Steel Resolve and Veil of Shadiws is mandatory 10/10. Seal is worth it as you gotta survive those brief periods of facetanking to drop another RoH. And ofc the biggest thing:

I’m afraid I’ll pass on that, sir. There’s no universe in the multiverse where 15% phys res is better than 20% dmg redux, and 150 oa than automatic 30+ rr.

Updated with a better setup

Are Runefather Gem (+1 to both masteries) and Mythical Ruby + Sapphire of elemental balance worth in this setup?

Starfury is absolute BiS with -0.5s (possibly -0.6s with the %cdr) to RoH. Then you have a very decent faction amulet Nightstalker (from one of the cults) also with +1 to all, which renders Runefather pretty useless unless you really need that elemental resistance.

EB rings are ok until you drop Ice&Fire ring blueprint. It’s all about that Artifact Handling. Blue Alkamos rings are also ok with massive oa.

Thanks, and no sense to put 1 point each at Chilling Rounds and Storm Spread as well?

nice build!

you might wanna remove that point in breath of belgothian though (pneumatic burst mod) :wink:

Chilling Round and Storm Spread are so called wps. They only work with autoattacks (such as naked weapon attack, Fire Strike, Savagery or - what infiltrators often use - Beronath Fury, etc.) by adding their dmg and effects on top of weapon attacks (and multiplying % weapon damage, to be precise) by given % chance. I’m not attacking with the weapon at all so wps are of zero use. I’m using Chillspikes from Seal of Night as a spam filler instead.

Yeah, I remade old double Chillheart Silver Sentinel to this and forgot about that point. Thx. Fixed.

Added an SR setup. It doesn’t have to be squishy if it doesn’t wanna.