[] The Undoing of Agrivix: 6:00m Crucible Gladiator 150-170 resilient no greens Aether Sorcerer [c+][sr][g3]

It’s not useless, you can still use it for some kind of a Devastation build I guess. It’s just worse than Maw of the Damned for Agrivix.

well thanks for replying mad_lee, mad props and thanks for your builds, i have followed a couple of your builds and they are always great. this is another that i plan on following since i have a lvl85 retired CT sorc that wants to get back to action soon.

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The build definitely felt the cumulative effect of the nerfs but still holds its own in Crucible. Gotta be a bit more careful now with Mirror/Blast Shield timers.

hi, anyone try converting all the flat lightning on inferno? via magelord rings + decree of aldritch maybe?

flashbang? not worth the piano?

imp viable/worth ?


Eternal Haunt + Albrecht’s Duality is just too much of a powerhouse here to go for Magelords. Tiny flat on Inferno is not worth it.

not worth it.

Viable but does not change much. I prefer stronger devotion map to enable some agressive Spirit investment.

Actually gonna update the build today, reworked it quite a bit.

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thanks!, yes please to the update. Update

Decided to take another look at the build. Didn’t really like its performance after all the heavy nerfs to Dying God and Aether Corruption. Reinvented the devotion map completely. Build is now faster and tougher but you still have to watch out for those Reapers.

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Sup Lee. Cant figure a way to build around the new kyzogg offhand. Cant use agrivix or ct regalía. Any sketch or thougts?

Just trying to make the fire versión work


I have tested Fire CT Sorc with that new 2H Mace. Was like a 6m build, but not very stable, so nothing special. Maybe with IK Helmet for Mines radius and Arcblade, but then again I am not sure, doesn’t look too promissing as all off-beat melee/half-melee specs seem to struggle in endgame.

could this work?


To some extent I guess. I would definitey use Sanctified Bone in chest and Silvercore Bullets in off-hand since it’s a single RR Fire build - it needs racial against Grava. That devo map feels a bit weird as well, and you gotta overcap Thermine Mines and softcap BWC.

hi mad_lee,

do you have a grimtools link to the old devotion map with aeon/time dilation? I’m still leveling/gearing the build and liked that style where you could spam devastation. Thanks!

Don’t have old GT but map should look something like this. Maybe Wretch instead of Viper for better damage/leech against Reapers.

Ty, and thanks for your hard work on this build. I love it.

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Hi mad_lee,

This is still by far my favorite build i’ve played. Do you think any updates are needed with the changes brought with V1.1.8.0? Post patch I’m still spiking over 1 mil single target DPS on the regular according to grim internals and crushing through SR farming. Just curious if you spotted anything worthy of tweaking in the patch notes. Thanks.

Hi, thanks!

Build should be stronger in this patch. I would probably just reshuffle components like this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYWBG4V (I know, it’s an expensive affair when you are playing legit, but it’s worth it).

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Hi mad_lee, I made a very small change that has helped me and wanted to point it out if you or anyone else finds it useful.

I replaced the charge rune to Rune of the Blazing Ends, it is the type that can charge whole screen lengths, but cannot charge without an enemy. It has huge mainhand damage, and additional fire/chaos which is being converted into Aether. A nice burn dot and big +crit damage rounds it out. Due to all of these factors, I’ve seen this skill single handedly hit and do 175k+ DPS in less than a second.

In regular speed rift clears, I found it useful because you can charge into a pack, do a skill rotation, and then immediately charge the next pack a screen length away. Also, its huge instant burst crits helps blast down those elites with higher defenses much faster.

For boss face tank, it raises overall DPS as you can cast it while spamming tempest without interruption. this is a very big hit every 3 seconds while still spamming CT (consistent spikes for 1mil+).

For tricky boss kiting, it is a nice way to get some high dmg in quickly and dip out. A lot of times i will mirror invuln, rotation (to get rr shred going), charge and devastation, and then dip out before mirror expires. This allows you to still get very good dmg in while waiting for the next circuit breaker.

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This can be a nice touch overall for SR farming. Personally, never cared for dps part of runes but maybe here this little tweak can indeed improve build’s performance overall.

Can you explain your devotion choice a bit, what is your reasoning in going rattosh and moving away from Aeon?

My guess is getting rattosch for the +180% aether damage and the -life leech% on monsters (makes you steal life more effecient, especially against bosses and nemesis that has like 90% resistance from the start, this means you can get it down to 82% which give 80% higher life steal :slight_smile: )