[] The Undoing of Agrivix: 6:00m Crucible Gladiator 150-170 resilient no greens Aether Sorcerer [c+][sr][g3]

*this is how you feel when you are playing this glorious melee sorcerer
**credit for the picture goes to Reddit user jc_special


Agrivix Sorcerer was one of my first attempts in build-making. I was a small time builder back then, didn’t know much about how the game works but still was thoroughly enjoying Grim Dawn. Well, fast forward almost two years and I still don’t know how the game works, but at least I do make decent builds sometimes. And here is another one.

The Build Update

Decided to take another look at the build. Didn’t really like its performance after all the heavy nerfs to Dying God and Aether Corruption. Reinvented the devotion map completely. Build is now faster and tougher but you still have to watch out for those Reapers.

<<<< GRIMTOOLS >>>>

*craft one item for Stun resist and two items for Slow resists. You can choose to invest more into Physique

Questions written in Aether itself

Isn’t Spellbinder better?
No, Spellbinder might have a tiny bit more damage, but Sorc is a bit better in terms of defenses. Both have a unique flavour

No Anasteria helmet? Do you even build?
That was actually a result of me randomly wanting to see how much tankier Maw of the Damned is. Turned out, not only it’s tankier, but it leads to faster clear times. It has also been confirmed by @x1x1x1x2 who tested it on a Spellbinder. Chton bless all the nerfs.

Spending points in BWC over global crit from Elemental Balance? This guy is out of his mind
Again, somehow in practice points in BWC work better than 10% global crit. Sounds crazy, I know.

No Revenant on an Aether spec. This can’t be good. Reaper will manhandle you
Idea was to counter Reaper by ramping up as much %Aether damage as possible thru devotions and huge Spirit dump enabled by those devotions. Transmuted BWC’s debuff also helps against Reaper a lot.

No Arcane Harmony pants? Haven’t you been following the meta? Duh
While I kind of started that meta and they would look so good here, I needed Physical resist for this build to be consistent. Yes, we sacrifice damage and sweet Disruption resist for it, but what can you do.


Everything has been tested thru and thru. Most of the items are basically set in stone as a part of Agrivix Arcanists’ meta. I chose an old school Devotion map without Revenant to get Solemn Watcher to be able to make a huge Spirit investment. BWC is actually great debuffer and decent damage support.


Classical Agrivix gameplay. Nuke everything. Use Devastation before BWC to time your Aeon activation. Watch your failsafes when fightning Reapers. Nullify often. In tough fights you can always back down for a bit till one of your failsafes comes off its cooldown. You have to kite sometimes in Shattered Realm.




Callidor’s Tempest damage breakdown:

Videos Crucible Gladiator 5.50 run Crucible Gladiator 5:53 run Crucible 150-170 6:13 run

Lucky 5:29 run

Another lucky 5:35 run

Unlucky 6:51 run

Average 5:54 run

Another average 6:12 run

Shards 65-66 run with couple of deaths to Korvaak

In Conclusion

Thanks to @x1x1x1x2, @John_Smith and @nery who agreed to test this build to compare it Spellbinder.


Mmmh very nice. Also rip Anasteria helm, pretty much reduced to irrelevancy.

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That’s what you feel when you play my melee sorc. You feel like GAINdalf. (credit for the pun goes to reddit user who created this pic).

Just quoting myself on the private thread :stuck_out_tongue:

So i guess you can pretty much go exactly same gear + devotion with spellbinder?

I thought it was GUNzdalf

Well, it depends tho. It might not be optimal for Binder. Sorc has kind of a leeway with skipping Revenant because it’s a bit tankier. Spellbinder - I am not sure. It’s up for testing.

When I was testing last night I actually thought of trying to skip revenant and go with imp+bat+triple t3 procs. The idea is that you don’t need more RR spread from skellies on trash waves because they can instead just die from all the AOE with imp on. The RR is only needed on bosses where wisps are enough.

Alas, I was too lazy to do it.

Nice build!

I love that you post something so cool of a concept, not usual Spellbindrs. Also nice use of BWC flat RR.

But that pic man, naked man on top of the screen :broken_heart:

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Buff necro or riot. This? This is an ABOMINATION! :wink:

Yeah… that… and Null, Fabric, MIRROR!!! I might agree with Agonizing (even though Agrivix never needed extra flat rr coverage even at the peak of his glory) but that 10 points in Demon Fire can’t be right, man. It gives nothing. No % and half the flat. I’d rather even put those points in Vindictive for the cooldown. Vindictive does pack a punch on this new Schmagrivix.

But then it’s somehow better than 10% crit from Elemental Balance. I don’t know, I tested it few times, and fully softcapped BWC was better each time. My guess that it’s because its damage stacks with itself.

This must be some shadow conspiracy against binders. Hidden stats and shit. Keep your eyes open, everyone… :alien:


check the DBRs. nothing hidden.

s’ok i farmed her for 3 months back in the day never saw it drop. good riddance

Thats just unfortunate, because grim dawn have a tendency to have really rare MI that worth nothing. Garboi’s gun comes to mind.

Yeah, Anasteria helmet should be de-nerfed and even buffed beyond what it was. The fact that it loses out with a legendary that is 1) heavy armor, 2) craftable…

I always advocated Anasteria but now that I look at the stats, and know how much wpn dmg nerfs affect sustain, Maw is so obvious. Even res is better on Maw now that Overload has aether res!

The main problem with Anasteria is that it’s actually less damage on top of being the glassy option. Devastation and Anasteria’s helmet proc was nerfed so much that it additional flat to CT outweighs them.

I think that Maw should be the better defensive option and Anasteria helm-the offensive one. But it turns out that Maw is better even offensively! Lets not forget the fact that Anasteria helm is extremely RARE!

i got super lucky and had it drop after 2-3 anasteria kills, i said great shit here, i’ll save for my aether build. and now i see its useless. so much for lucky drop.