V1.1.7.1 Build Discussion

Proccing devotions with physical builds is such a pain. That should be made better.

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Just did this today

I figured the only way to be decent fast is to let trauma do its thing…

Swap your weapons. You want Relentless to proc its 10% Chance burst of damage as often as possible, which will happen in offhand.

I used this build in testing the new axes/etc. You and I have differing opinions on the outcome - I found the damage unsatisfactory but the AoE to be fine. I did a few naked Crucible runs with it in the 8-9 minute mark…I don’t know how naked times stack up I’m told by a few people that that’s somewhat respectable. The theory behind the build was combining Relentless and Fervor Damage Procs (which, by the way, result in 10% chance of summed damage, not a 1% chance of having both proc) to better bypass enemy Armor due to how Physical stacking works. It does result in lower sheet dps but it’s very noticeable when you get a 10% activation on a Cadence hit.

Against single targets is where the build suffers most. I think that can be addressed via Devotion, and I agree that between the t1/2/3 procs, Physical has the most lackluster (except for Sands). If Bull Rush had Maul’s Weapon Damage (60% instead of 32%) and the Stun but kept its own flat Damage values, I think that’d be fine (and maybe you’d actually see Bull taken for a Blue/Yellow). Then you could rework Maul into a ground-AoE like the ‘Earthquakes’ that Warborn mace provides. I think that’d go a long way toward improving the situation.

I’ve personally never found Oleron’s worthwhile. Binds are a part of the problem but I’ve never been fond of the damage either, what with Physical mechanics being as they are. So…TL;DR better binds and bigger values on Oleron’s please.


I have only two builds, that could use a little facelift:

  1. Chaos EoR Sentinel - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eZPMdGJN
    The build is ok in terms of speed in Crucible (6.40~7), that’s not an issue. The main problem (as always with chaos) is CC-resistances. With the buff of topaz I was able to find some stun res, which is great, but the other cc’s are just not there. Which is pretty sad, because it’s EoR build with mediocre AS. It would be nice, if chaos devos/items received some CC’s.

  2. Grey Knight warlord - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/bVAD0MR2
    I’ve tried so hard, and get so far, but in the end - phys res and armor doesn’t even matter. The most pathetic build I ever played. Not only the damage is bad - build has troubles with sustain, the last thing one would expect from this amount of armor and phys. resistance. The main problems are - low OA w/o Oleron’s rage, lack of skillpoints, piano with terrible cast speed. And the saddest part - build just doesn’t make sense, because we have Octavius. Maybe I’ve done smtg wrong in build itself, but the build simply doesn’t work.

Any chance of maybe taking a look at Necromancer belts? Trying to make an Aether Bone Harvest build and it’s looking really grim (:smirk:) in that slot. The only real choice there seems to be Mythical Spiritseeker Cord, not really suitable for a melee build.

Meanwhile Mythical Dreadweave Girdle and Mythical Girdle of Stolen Dreams lack % aether damage.

Did someone say builds?

All right, here we go:

  • Lightning Invoker PRM MH - You have nerfed its lightning part to balance it out with Fire. And it was a right move (although a bit frustrating). But then you have nerfed the shit out of Lightning (devotions and most importantly removed -8 %rr from Corruption) but never gave Invoker the fair damage split back.

  • Chillwhisper. Reduce its offensive power (less flat to Blade Spirits) but give the set some physical resist. It’s broken when you pair it with Infiltrator with proper Pierce to Cold conversions. I think it should be re-balanced a bit.

  • Fire Kalastor Paladin. It still feels like RoK is kind of mediocre. Something could be done to the base skill.

  • It’s gonna sound strange but Agrivix Arcanist.. Callidor’s part is probably the weakest Callidor in the game. I’d say re-balance it a bit: reduce damage on set proc but give Callidor more weapon damage so overall damage output is ± the same but sustain is better. Because currently 2h CT builds with Bane or Arcblade are much more consistent.

  • Cold Harra PB Spam Nighblades are really bad. CD PB are really bad too. Something should be done here. Non-set Cold PB spam is faster by good 30-40 seconds and PB Spam Spellbreaker wearing Harra is just a dead man walking. So either make CD PB Harra competitive or make the spam PB Harra more resilient.
    BTW, CD Bleeding Phantasmal Blades with Rancor are just useless. If you build Bloodrager Rancor Trickster you don’t even take PB, that’s how bad Bleeding Part of PB is.

100 times this. IK Shieldbreakers with Grim Fate overperform while other builds suffer without mines radius.


My suggestion is to nerf the droprates a bit. It’s very easy to get good gear since the patch

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Yeah, I bet that’ll be a VERY popular change. :roll_eyes:


Lol. Yes… yes, seems reasonable, I guess we co- What?!

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100% WPS Myrmydon DK got buff in 1070, but i’m sure it can be a bit better, and i speak not only about lost 30th % of Reaping Strike.

Less than mediocre.

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Any build with raise skeletons could use some love… shepard of lost souls is still lost… they die to fast and cant rez them fast enough.


Maul has good stats however it’s a 6 pointer devotion with no affinity bonus. 1 purple and 1 blue… That’s why no one uses it. Because first you spend too much points for giveupable stats and proc and you get no affinity points to take you your end goal. So I also like to see a rework on the Dire Bear before it’s species extinct :stuck_out_tongue: More affinity points and better stats or a different proc would be very nice.


It was buffed. it can do good dmg. But is unreliable. Since the set proc has no chance of getting buffed then reduced CD on blitz would be welcome. The proc is less valuable for Blitaz anyway since it has such a long Cd. More for other abilities and devotions

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Yeah, I’m aware of that, I just think it’s better for the longevity of the game

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So worry about long term or short term? Short term people will be upset, but in the long term people will lose motivation to play the game if they find gear too easily, as the quest for getting gear is the driving force of the game for the majority of players.

Talking about long term farming for a game that’s been out for 4 years and people with thousands of hours are still completing sets/getting a trickle of useful MIs.



Who’s longevity?

I think you vastly overestimate what the “majority” of players care about.

Not to mention new players coming in right now are going to be thousands of hours behind with that logic.

That said, this is not the place for such a debate. Please stay on topic.

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Thank you for the patch! WPS rework and new stuff are amazing, it makes some #deadbuild alive.
One of them - Avenger’s warder. This set was pretty mediocre for a long time, because of low damage.

Now this build started working, and remembering how you changed awkward procs (like Bloodrager or Abominable might) I want to ask you to improve Avenger’s proc uptime to 100%, 15 sec duration/ 12 cd should be ok, even if power of the proc will be slightly reduced. It wouldn’t break the game, because this set still a long way from top-dps melee specs. In SR this “hole in your defence” is very dangerous and annoying.

My build:


I don’t get it. This is a single player game that is modable to change drop rates as you see fit. Please don’t make this diablo 2.5. I like seeing stuff drop and after 3200 hrs there are still a vast many pieces of gear I have yet to get (more specifically build finishing MI’s both purple and green)

On topic: I only do unorthodox builds and as such all of them suffer one way or another by having to compromise in order to play in the first place.

In the end I would just like more support for this kind of play style.

One of the more recent suggestions I read, credit to @mad_lee I believe, was more support for artifact handling.

A crap ton of builds in my circle use Badge of Mastery because of its capacity to support off the wall builds.

Sorry, didn’t follow the posting guidelines. The creation of crazy, strange builds that work are a part of the ARPG cornerstone IMO.