[1.1.6] Amarasta's Blade Bash- Physical ABB spam Blademaster

Using DoT sets and acid weapons for their intended purpose is lame, and the best tool for covert assassination is a sledgehammer to the forehead.


DPS, LA up:

  • Targo set and Amarastan Crusher: Can’t spam your physical ABB without 'em. Try to get a crusher with the minimum phys->acid conversion possible.
  • Belt: Any Ugdenbog girdle with physical damage rolls to convert the last bits of acid to physical. Can be swapped for Reforged Chains, but they aren’t as good.
  • Medal: Ilgorr’s curse offsets the WD penalty on the crusher. If you don’t have a good one, sub in anything with a lot of phys damage.
  • Amulet: Tossup between Bloodsurge (crafting bonus, more damage, better resists) and Bloodrager’s gem (more skill points).

If you’ve played a physical forcewave build, this is similar, except with a round AoE and supplementary blade arc. It cleans out groups of enemies and boss adds like no tomorrow, although its single-target damage is mediocre. If you find things are getting heated, just walk away and let your 300% duration trauma ticks handle things for a while. Can also be used as Dervish for really crazy crit damage and more consistent physical RR.


I somehow missed that build when was posted, cool concept. I like it.