[] Duo-wielding Warlock, 350 k DOT (460 k highest), SR 75

i would like to show you a version of the Occultist that is a lot of fun to play.
My ingame build isn’t at 100% yet, so maybe i’ll be able to break the 400 k-mark* soon.
(*new goal 500 k)



  • Lots of AoE dmg and crowd-control via Olexra’s Flash Freeze
  • Piano-rotation
  • Two defensive skills that makes it much easier to apply Dots
  • Duo-wielding without being a Ninja (the belt makes it possible)


  • Pretty squishy (around 10,5 k life)
  • Takes time to apply all Dots

Grim-Tools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2dMw9AV

Normally you start with “Curse of Frailty”, since the Dot’s that had hit the enemy before, don’t adjust to the lowered Poison-/Acid-resistance afterwise.
Then charge directly into the enemy with “Scorpion Strike”.
–> When your enemy is strong, activate “Mirror of Ereoctes” which gives you 3 seconds invulnerability.
Pull off “Dreeg’s Evil Eye” and “Dreeg’s Afflicted Spines”, and stay as long on “Acid Purge” as you think is wise.
Now all Dots are added, and you can run away and kite the enemy, or when it’s safe, rotate the 4x poison-spells, to refresh the poison-dots and deal extra Acid-Damage.

When it’s safe to play stationary, you can use more “Acid Purge” (be prepared to use energy-potions).
Don’t forget to always refresh the other Dot’s, when you choose this playstyle.

For kiting enemies it’s easier to use “Dreeg’s Evil Eye” and “Dreeg’s Afflicted Spines” in combination with “Olexra’s Flash Freeze” (for extra crowd-control).

Don’t forget to refresh every 10-15 seconds “Curse of Frailty”. This should be always your first spell, since your team-members profit from the weakened resistances of the enemy as well.

If you are unhappy about the missing 1% movement-speed, you can get a movement-speed bonus due crafting the hood, the medal, or the mace with the help of Egellon (1/3 chance of getting movement-speed).
You can also try Gaius Ember for Crit Dmg (1/3 Chance).

The build requires augments of Kymon’s Chosen (1x 15% Fire Resistance) and Barrowholm (1x 12% Bleeding Resistance).
If you decided to turn against these factions, you can replaces them with 7%-Elemental Resistance (Coven o. Ugd.) and 8%-Bleeding Resistance (Coven o. Ugd. & Malmouth Resistance).

Hf & gl!!