[] Green Lantern: 5:45m Crucible Gladiator 150-170, easy SR 75-76 Aether Lightning caster Spellbinder [vid][c+][sr+]


Thanks for the quick reply. Tried setting one up here, and just realized after I was done that I could have loaded from save file :stuck_out_tongue: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2E6yXPV

Diviner’s stuff has 29% and 30% elemental->aether conversion, but shoulders only have 26%. Not sure if that’s a big deal? Also the vitality damage on the diviner’s mask is only 70%, and vita->aether conversion only 51% on belt.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Well, that’s easy, you forgot the transmuter for Bone Harvest. You should also cap Soul Harvest.

Also, re-arranged skills/components/augments a bit more optimally https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWBrAy2 (you need that Sanctified Bone to have sufficient leech vs. Reaper)

Yikes, can’t believe I missed that :frowning: Rest of the skills are a bit jumbled tho, as I forgot to re-arrange them after gearing up the grimtool model (didn’t load from save file), but thanks. That should sort it.

Yeah I was wondering a bit about the choice of sanctified bone now that you mention it. I’ve been struggling a bit with Reaper, particularly when the mobs have the “Aetherwarped” and/or life leech modifiers in SR.

That’s exactly why you always need a Sanctified Bone on an Aether build. It’s also obviously a pretty substantial damage boost against other Undead and Chtonics but here it’s super important just because of one Reaper. That’s why damage reduction from Undead from Revenant is so valuable to Aether builds. Because of single enemy basically, lol.

Good to know, thanks again :slight_smile: I’ll give it a new go in SR75-76 tomorrow with the sanctified bone and skill point in the bone harvest transmuter. I’ve been mostly able to clear it in time so far, with the exception of a few poor matchups of mutators and nemesis mixes in the boss fights.

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Just a question about the Temporal Arcblade. I’m guessing when I craft this I should aim for high skill cooldown reduction? How important is that for the survivability of the build? I see it has a significant effect on mirror/mark cooldown time.

Since the author is undeservedly banned, I might answer: you should aim for as high CDR as possible here. The more you get, the better it scales


Thanks for the reply, I wasn’t aware of that. So I rolled one with pretty good damage stats, but pretty bad cast rate (tho still enough to get capped), but only 14 cd reduction, so I guess I should keep on crafting then

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yet another so-called build guide with no leveling help for new players!

And please don’t spam the forum with the same message.

If you have questions about a build you can always ask in the thread regarding any suggestions about levelling them.

That is the problem 99.91% of the builds are end game builds with no guide for new players that may want to play such builds…It is very off putting to new players who wanna get into the game but cannot find any viable guides that explain how the build got to end game? No leveling guide no stat point allocations nothing…just Hey look at this end game build and figure it out for yourself!

It’s up to the builders whether they add such things to their builds. We have a few builders who do make beginner guides, but others are simply not interested in doing so. As said you can always ask the build creator for advice on how to level; most are happy to help.

Here is a full fledged beginners guide that just been posted, not sure if it is a class you want to play but it is a full guide.

I have a beginner Spellbinder too, just in case someone’s interested. It’s a bit dated, but not much changed about it.

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If people level their chars in the main campaign, then they often use a leveling build, which might be totally different from the presented final build. For help with this check out A how-to on getting loot efficiently on solo play + advice on levelling and Devotions: A how-to on maximizing them and Required Stats from Equipment during Levelling and Component Setups before Endgame

That’s because the difference between leveling build and endgame build is huge. What use is this guide to new players when they won’t have needed gear by the time they complete Ultimate? That’s why leveling guides and beginner’s guides are a totally different genre and require a totally different approach from a builder/guide creator. And to be honest a lot of builders including me don’t find making beginners guides fun.