[] Green Lantern: 5:45m Crucible Gladiator 150-170, easy SR 75-76 Aether Lightning caster Spellbinder [vid][c+][sr+]


*The last battle against the nerf crusade


This build was a result of me making a joke in @Safarel’s Discord about finally making a decent build out of the The Arcane Tempest epic jewellery set. Just few hours of testing and polishing later build was done.

The Build Update

Gave this monster a bit of a facelift. Tankier and more damaging than before!

<<<< GRIMTOOLS >>>>*

*Affixes on the shoulders and belt don’t matter much, just use the ones with some DA and relevant resists

**Craft two items for Stun resist and one item for %Physique

Aetherial Q&A

Green items, how could you, mad_lee…
Yeah, not my style, but shoulders are easily farmable in Cronley’s Hideout out of all places and belt drops in Port of Valbury as well as in SR and Crucible
Why not use Reap Spirit, you even got bonuses to it?
I have tested it on this build and it’s still bad
Those OA/DA look somewhat low.
That’s not a question! But build is plenty tanky and strong despite low-ish stats


The core of the build are The Arcane Tempest set, Temporal Arcblade, two pieces of Diviner set and Ascended Shoulderplates. You can easily farm those shoulders in Cronley’s Hideout, just get ones that patch your DA/resists. Krieg pieces are bis here and also farmable.
Skill distribution is pretty optimal. I did test few things (including Reap Spirit), but this way build deals most damage while maintaining solid level of defenses. Devotions are on a defensive side and it’s somewhat required here.
For leveling check out multiple leveling guides on this forum.

This is an endgame build and it works as advertised once you equip all the items/skills/devotions as in GT link above at level 100.


Everything is facetankable in Crucible. Do use Mirror/Mark of Torment rotation when you are cornered against multiple Nemeses on waves 160/170.
In Shattered Realm SR 75-76 is a smooth sailing if you rotate Mirror/Mark of Torment (you don’t need to do it precisely before Aeon reset, just switching on one after another one expires is enough against anyone). Everyone is facetankable except maybe the gatekeeper guy from Malmouth.



Aether Lightning damage breakdown


Videos Banana_peel’s 4:59 run (w/Reaper’s pants) Crucible Gladiator 150-170 5:35 run SR 75-76 9:58 run (one silly death)

5:30 Crucible Gladiator 150-170 run

grey-maybe’s Shard 85 run

grey-maybe’s Shard 90 run

11:53 Shattered Realm 75-76 run (one death)

banana_peel’s Crucible Gladiator 150-170 5:06 run (altered “glass cannon version”)

banana_peel’s Crucible Gladiator 150-170 MAX GRAPHIC SETTINGS RUN

5:43 Crucible Gladiator 150-170 run

SR 70-71 9:39 run (no deaths)

SR 75-76 12:25 run (few avoidable deaths)

In Conclusion

Shout out to all the quarantined gamers staying at home. This build is for you.


That’s a pretty cool looking build, down to overall look in the screenshots!

BTW I really like thematic builds and synergistic builds, I find it much more important than stuff like Crucible clear speeds :+1:

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Green lantern, but no Lantern devotion? Cronley looks disappointed

Jk, very nice build and I like the illusions and the concept! Do you think these pants are better than Arcane Harmony

Thanks! Arcane Harmony would be a bit more damage but I felt like this build needed phys res in that slot for better consistency. Plus walking speed bonus caps char’s walking speed nicely.

Nice build. Glad you were able to make epic jewelry set to work in your build.

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That shoulder gives ele to aether now? Wasn’t it pierce to aether?

Reworked during 1.1.5 pass.
Pierce to Aether is an extinct conversion type now.

Great, a legit Cronley Crawler build :rofl:

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Hmmm. Should be great in come builds I have kn mind.

Great build.

Just in time to rework my spellbinder and waste all these mats i have been trading :slight_smile:

…and it has Callidor’s Tempest

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Nice build well polished. I made a similar one a while ago but with Wrath & Reaper of the Accursed, 2p Diviner, 3p Krieg for the hardcapped Devastation. But can’t compete with that sword.

I agree about the pants. If you’re not gonna take Harmony for the disrupt res I’d take Wraithborne for the oa and good ranks. Lots of crit on Aether Lightning (and global too) gets no love from that low oa. Hussle da out somewhere else or just leave it at 2.6k. Binders are perfectly playable at that da levels.

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Those pants are bis here in terms of balance. Build desperately needs that physical resist to facetank everything both in Crucible and SR 75-76. DA/Freeze res are a really nice bonus here. Walking speed is also not lost on this build as it it has it barely capped and with just one teleport from the rune it affects build’s performance quite a bit.

Of course for maximum Crucible speed you can take Wraithborne pants and do max Spirit dump, but I don’t see the point in that.

Altered it slightly for more dmg.

And how it looks with max settings:

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Sick vids, added them to the guide. Max graphics settings video is especially beautiful.

Also added some of the better runs of my own:

Nice build. One silly question: why not Devastation when the set heavy support it? Could get 21/16.

I would take it, yeah, it would definitely push the build in the stratosphere. Except you can’t use Devastsation without an off-hand :slight_smile:

Wow I haven’t even noticed till now that there is a skill called Aether lightning. I don’t understand how someone can play high SR shards with such low DA.

Cool build! Do you think a lightning version can work?

Pretty easy, barely an inconvience. ~2820 is actually quite a lot when you are playing a Spellbinder, because you have a lot of active defenses like Mirror/MoT cycle as well as Nullification. You can watch Shards videos, I am facetanking every Nemesis there.

It might, but definitely take Iskandra’s relic and invest more into Spirit

Those defenses are not always up and you can get crit. When you have modifiers of lower DA for player and higher crit for monsters. It is too low for my taste. My min is 2900 and that is with other defenses. On char with weaker defenses I rather have 3000 DA.

I think you might be right about the relic, even though damage without Elemental Imbalance proc up will be a lot lower. Dumping more points into Spirit means health goes below five digits, which hurts my soul a little.