[] Green Lantern: 5:45m Crucible Gladiator 150-170, easy SR 75-76 Aether Lightning caster Spellbinder [vid][c+][sr+]

rough sketch: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQkAEnV

Should definitely take Storm Box there.

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Thanks, I’ll try it out!

I was sceptical about this build, however it ended up being pretty good in deep SR

Here’s the video of SR85 bossroom. I could have dodged Fabius SS, but got distracted by skeletons.


Ok, that was even more unexpected. However, the arena was quite an easy one (apart from kuba). Died once during the whole run (to Kuba, that was a pity death).

SR90 passed (Allthough, that was first and only run, and I’m not sure about succes rate.)


That’s pretty insane! Added both videos to the op.

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Gave this monster a bit of a facelift. Tankier and more damaging than before!


Really like this build, find myself switching between this and @Nery build. This is a really rough sketch especially the devotions but do you think there is any potential in a Templar build converting this to physical? The Cleaver’s probably need to roll cast speed…

Have you ever tried this build with Devastation? How’s the score?


Probably could work to some extent, but use an off-hand - Inashkor’s hand.

The score 0-1 in favoure of of the restriction that allows to use Devastation only with off-hands :slight_smile:

Opps forgot :(, btw it would be nice if this sword has mod allows to use Devastation, like Spellscourge set.

That would be too much. Sword is already a powerhouse on its own. If you add Devastation to it will break the game.

Changed the build tiny bit. Almost irrelevant change. The build is very strong but packs of aether resistant bosses can be quite dangerous. And numerous Reapers slow it down significantly.

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Thanks for that run, gonna add it to the op.

Still able to complete SR90


I’m still fairly new to this game (picked it up during easter), so this is only the 3rd forum build I’ve tried, but this is really working for me. I’m just wondering how you have such high damage for bone harvest? I just have 76080 max damage on mine indicated by “damage per hit” on the charcter stat sheet. As of now I have a bit more spirit than you, and just some slight deviations in components used in my gear. Any clue?

Hi, I am glad you are liking my build. Link me grimtools so I can tell.


Thanks for the quick reply. Tried setting one up here, and just realized after I was done that I could have loaded from save file :stuck_out_tongue: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2E6yXPV

Diviner’s stuff has 29% and 30% elemental->aether conversion, but shoulders only have 26%. Not sure if that’s a big deal? Also the vitality damage on the diviner’s mask is only 70%, and vita->aether conversion only 51% on belt.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Well, that’s easy, you forgot the transmuter for Bone Harvest. You should also cap Soul Harvest.

Also, re-arranged skills/components/augments a bit more optimally https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWBrAy2 (you need that Sanctified Bone to have sufficient leech vs. Reaper)

Yikes, can’t believe I missed that :frowning: Rest of the skills are a bit jumbled tho, as I forgot to re-arrange them after gearing up the grimtool model (didn’t load from save file), but thanks. That should sort it.

Yeah I was wondering a bit about the choice of sanctified bone now that you mention it. I’ve been struggling a bit with Reaper, particularly when the mobs have the “Aetherwarped” and/or life leech modifiers in SR.

That’s exactly why you always need a Sanctified Bone on an Aether build. It’s also obviously a pretty substantial damage boost against other Undead and Chtonics but here it’s super important just because of one Reaper. That’s why damage reduction from Undead from Revenant is so valuable to Aether builds. Because of single enemy basically, lol.