[] The perfect (Aether)storm - Devastation+Aether Lightning Spellbinder


Since I’ve done max DPS setup of Agrivix Binder, wanted to try to focus on the Devastation skill fully and use also the blue set ‘‘Arcane Tempest’’, which grants spammable skill, called Aether Lightning.

This build is meant for pure show, I think it needs better DA for campaign play.


  • perma buffs, DPS for Aether Lightning

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/bVA9rJ1V


Decided to take the Devastation specific items like Decree of Aldrich, which I haven’t seen being used in awhile, also Annie’s helm, which grants another Devastation skill, also fantasy Ternox off-hand. Decided to use as well 2pcs of Diviner set+2pcs Krieg. I don’t need many +skills, but 4 pieces Krieg is also an option.

Crafts with % physique helps with health and DA.


Since scepter have flat RR, I decided to use same map as the Agrivix build, consisting of triple T3 devotions - Spear, Aeon and Korvaak. Aetherfire proc helps with damage too.


Build is surprisingly durable but is skill dependent, if you can time Mirror+Torment combo. Also pick Nullification, you can remove nasty debuffs on you with it. Aether Lightning have some Weapon Damage compartment, so you can life steal through it.

Damage is very good but Crucible aggro problems are absolute bane for this build. You need to gather all enemies around you and pour some Devastation on them. But if they are scattered or stuck at spawn points, costs lots of time. I didn’t run many times, cause it was frustrating experience. My fastest run is 5:36, with certainly some ground for improvement, video:

For another build with this blue set, you can check this one by @mad_lee

[] Green Lantern: 5:45m Crucible Gladiator 150-170, easy SR 75-76 Aether Lightning caster Spellbinder [vid][c+][sr+]


Hey Nery,
This AetherStorm seems to be en vogue these days.
You too have made a chain lightning build as well. When I look at the numbers, seeing that Aetherstorm has less damage, only more affected targets: Is it really worth it, instead of going plain chain lightning?

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I wanted to use the jewels set, so make sense, also visually looks good. But with some conversion Chain Lightning will be potent damage dealer too.

That’s a sick % damage stat you have there and quite insane Spirit dump. I like it! Not worth mentioning my guide tho as your build is completely different it seems.

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Yeah damage is really good, actually I expected even better performance, but nature of Devastation and limited RR I guess are problematic.

I told you my build is different but yours is also very cool. :sunglasses:

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+4k% aether damage holy shit

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Yeah with % spirit is nearly 4k, crazy. That’s what you can do if you take double set for % damage, unreal green MI and 2k spirit.

Fun build! Really like the idea of building Devastation around Tempest set. How would 4 pc Krieg compare w/ 2+2 of Diviner and Krieg?

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I think 4 pieces Krieg will be better for defense and you get +1 to both skills as well, so overall pretty similar. My build was utilizing the aether damage from 2pcs Diviner and extra Elemental to aether conversion, mostly on Aether Lightning skill.

Excellent build and thanks for sharing it.
Simply overwhelming and fun to play.

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Hi Nery. I am really enjoying this build. Any updates or do you think its still pretty solid? Thanks!

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Not sure about updates. Build was meant for DPS and still should get the job done but perhaps 4pcs of Krieg and way to increase DA will make it better defensively, although best defense for Binders is chain casting Mirror+Mark of Torment.

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