[] King Elessar - 5:30m Crucible Gladiator 150-170, Shards 75-76 Pierce/Bleeding melee Blademaster [vid][g3][c+][sr+]

Spite still not dead? Or am I forgetting something.


How have the changes to the build in affected its performance in SR? From what I can tell it should still be able to consistently clear SR 75-76 with little to no problems. :slight_smile:

Ah, Morgo Bane, how could I forget. Not strictly melee tho.

To be honest, it could never clear 75-76 smoothly, maybe you are confusing it with my other Blade Arc build. I mean, if you don’t mind dying sometimes, then sure. Nothing really changed for this build. Update

Updated a build a bit. Lost ~30 OA but gained whole lot of tankiness with more hp, more adtch and better resist overcaps. Added Shattered grimtools too.

Turns out, recorded a previous video with 24/16 Blade Arc (forgot to change skills after a gear swap). Here is my fastest run with the build so far, really shows how powerful it is in Crucible:

Gotta love that 2h Sword.

Is this better or worse than your infiltrator with Biting Blades?

superb build as usual, hopefully it doesn’t get the nerf bat

It’s hard to say. This one struggles in Shards 75-76 even in Shattered beefed up spec. Pierce Brosnan breezes thru 75-76 in a Shattered spec. This one however is a melee build and it’s very satisfying to play - very consistent and a lot of damage in Crucible + very few buttons. I can shoot you a save folder in our chat so you can try it out for yourself.

Thanks, I hope too!

Decided to give this one a proper test in Shards 75-76, something that I haven’t really done with a new spec. Result: three runs with varying amount of deaths per run (from 0 deaths on really great mutators to 5 deaths on really bad one). Overall build is more than capable of farming 75-76 even sometimes (like for Slathzar) camera abuse is needed.

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Cool build, man, from flavor to fashion! Everything on point. Still learning the game so why is slow res important? Why not % physique?

Edit: also I see a lot of melee builds use chausses of barbaros, why arcane harmony over chausses?

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Thanks! Physique is not needed as build has sufficient DA (2871 DA with all the OA shred this build has is quite a lot) and doesn’t need any points in Physique to equip gear. Slow resist is crucial for build’s performance (both damage and survivability wise) however.

Because Barbaros require 1035 in Physique and after several nerfs they are not as attractive as they used to be. Harmony pants cover Spirit to equip jewellery, have massive DA bonus and very important Disrupt res. And they require 662 in Physique, so more points into Cunning > more OA and %damage.

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With the new green meta this build got a great boost in a form of Balthazar’s medal. Even better results across the board.


Average time is 5.10. New MI medal is so good

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Damn, forgot to add this beastly run. Thanks for the video!

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Here you go _Elessar (2).zip (1.4 MB)

This one has a stronger dot so a lot of enemies can be left with like half hp once you proc Rend.

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Ill come back in the afternoon with results :slight_smile:

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As promisef, came back with results after several runs and the build is very well balanced and strong. With good dot timing it can get very good times. After like 20 runs i noticed times where consistent between 5.00-5.20, so yeah +1.


Thanks for the run. Going to add the vid to the op.

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How does this build perform in Crucible and SR given the new patch?