[] Maximum invincibility "God-Mode" battlemage -dual aetherscorched cleaver- Crucible gladiator 150-170- SR 65+, EASY FARM!

I get it, I am not amazed by this build either. I finally finished playing with it and I was looking forward to end with it. Low DPS and low AoE make it not fun even if you are 2/3 of the time unkillable. Here is what I played with https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYonEWV
You need 5 good roled MI’s (not double rare but very specifically rolled and that is just impossible to get without GD stash). I was able to finish SR 65-66 with it everytime but I died a lot and it was slow. Oftentimes I could not do it within the timer. Build is not a fun to play. It can do SR 65-66 but inconsistently. Not good enough for me to post it. It needs more support or a complete rethink and I don’t know what to do to make it better.

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Had something like this in mind
Cleavers and mark have no affixes yet, so damage and resistances will increase.
Sweet %CDR, massive AoE
Skellies proc very well with SS.

This nearly exact build with a Bane of Winter King rocked. It was just a bit squishy in SR 6x.
I hope this (and the low DA) can be overcome by our Mirror, and I also hope that the loss of a 2H-weapon damage will be kind of negligible (only 50% weapon damage on CT).

Nice concept but that DA is really low… phys res is as well and you need some more lifeleech.

Well, I havent been in rly tough situations yet.
Isn´t it that you can crush junk anyway and stay alive in front of big bosses thanks to your mirror? Rendering all “normal” defenses … a little obsolete?

Yes you can but only for 2/3 of the time. In that 1/3 you can get your ass handed to you.

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Hi, i like your build but have a few questions…
Can i level based your build?
Can i use self found gears? I don’t use GF stash…
Thanks in advance

I knew I’ve been saving my Aether Clusters for something!!! Combined with the mirror on this build, Clusters as needed during cooldown… oh man I cant wait to try this build! Farming for a second weapon.

cadence battlemage is a perfectly viable way to level, but the build doesnt come online fully until you get the belgothian relic, two cleavers and a single “of the gildam arcanum” item. You can farm these cleavers at level 20 or whenever you reach the blood grove and dual wielding them will still give you the massive damage spike and double mirror duration, which should give you more than enough time to kill just about anything.

Good luck! its a blast to play.

sure looks like it man, hoping to get a second one of those weapons tonight. Going to do SR runs until I get a nice fat one!

Thanks for the reply…so i can level base on your build?

Everyone is making a battlemage with these cleavers and the circlet, but a templar might also be viable

Jeah, I have high hopes for my not-100-yet Spellbreaker

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hi where is these cleavers in blood grove?

Here the position.

World map along with other features of grimtools could be really useful for you.

Hehe, the location for this Mark of Nacrathan: after over 4k h of playtime I have never found that secret area.

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