[] Maximum invincibility "God-Mode" battlemage -dual aetherscorched cleaver- Crucible gladiator 150-170- SR 65+, EASY FARM!

A little video guide for the aetherscorched cleaver battlemage. The build very likely needs a good amount of fine tuning, but this variant is capable of Gladiator 170 and SR 65+. Enjoy!

BUILD AS OF 6/10/2020


Great job shaping this insane one out!

I was just considering sth like this with the Belgo relic on.
Seems that the covering rate of MoE will be like over 50%?

I took 10 seperate minutes of fluid combat, challenging enough to make me disengage, and 5 minutes of whacking the training dummy and tallied the amount of uptime mirror had.

During combat, the average uptime was 40 seconds out of every 60, so 66%, with some minutes being less and some going as high as 50 seconds out of 60.

When i was whacking the dummys, it was a much more consistant rate that averaged out to 45 out of 60 seconds, or 75% uptime.

This is of course with the gildam arcanum suffix on the medal, which can be wildly inconsistent.

EDIT: also want to add, that I was simply counting the seconds aloud, so this data is wildly skewed. Still fun to talk about, though.

LOL. It matches the word “invincibility” sufficiently IMO. I never use GDstash though, so it’s sth like a “moon in water” for me.

Nice build. I was thinking about to combine axes with the crown and I’m glad it works.

Excellent build.
Good job.

There is still room to push it further. Especially damagewise. I messaged you my version two days ago and you should take more from it. I will post my version sometime in the next week when I finish playing with it. Here is what I play with now https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYonEWV
It has both more damage and defenses than your version. My version is still not final.

I don’t get your devotions at all, Spear and Messenger? Why? I would understand Dying God but still even that is not necessary. You also lack AoE on Cadence. You have low AS also.

You didn’t even take Assassin’s Blade for RR. Again why?


I know it’s not fully optimized and your version is definitiely better. the reason I pushed this out in this state is twofold.

  1. my joy from this comes from the video editing and theorycrafting process.
  2. I really wanted this to be “my take” on the build, if that makes sense.

Your feedback was and is invaluable, though. so thank you!


I am super inspired by this build! Thank you for sharing such a cool and unique idea!

And thank you @Zantai and all of Crate for putting out such a great update with these awesome new MIs that make things like this possible!!!

So I posted this feedback on the Discord when you asked about this build there but, to repeat it here for visibility since I’m not sure you saw it,

  • Your devotions are really questionable at best, as Duchy said above. Messenger is awful here. Neither Assassin’s Blade nor Ulzaad in a physical build is downright criminal. Spear and Dying God are good (especially Spear’s proc with all this conversion) but I’d much rather have Ulzaad + Azrakaa instead here. You can even still get hourglass while taking those two.
  • Only 25 in Arcanist is a big issue. It means you have to dump attribute points on spirit instead of physique, plus you miss out on both Conversion and Fabric of Reality for more CC resist and juicy flat damage.
  • 21/16 cadence is way too low. I try and shoot for at least 24/16 in general, with 26/16 of course being preferrable.
  • 174%-ish attack speed seems a little low. This is minor compared to all the above IMHO though.

Duchy’s setup is a big step in the right direction. I feel like this build still really wants Fabric of Reality for more flat phys damage though.

I took at a stab at it myself for funsies, only using MIs for the weapons to keep gear requirements lower. While I was able to hit res caps there’s still even more room for improvement here. The AS is still a little low, it’s still at 25/16 cadence, it could use more res overcaps, and it could probably use more energy regen as well. Note that this is with affix-less weapons however: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2M8xbbN

(EDIT: forgot to max break morale initially)

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You made it more of Warborn Cadence build without the helm for Mirror. Also I don’t see why you took Azraaka when you can’t proc it with anything. I had a similar version at first but then changed it to the one I posted with Scales instead of Azraaka for some lifeleech. You have very low lifeleech. At least 1/3 of the time you are out of Mirror and you need to leech. No Maiven, low CC res. That DPS isn’t worth it. If I add the same affixes as mine build has then the WD with all procs is the same as mine is. Not really worth it. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV1L0YL2 Though without procs it could have around 10-15 % more DPS. But those procs are almost always up except Mirror.

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Again, I wanted to reduce reliance on MIs with this approach. I’ll agree it reduces the focus on mirror a little, but we still have increased mirror duration, more damage when mirror is up, and Hourglass all while not having to rely on specific affixes for a key item in the build.

What do you mean? It can be bound to the Cadence itself, everything else is fairly easily bound elsewhere.

Adding in the same weapon affixes you’re using, you can drop the consecrated wrappings for restless remains if you do want more adcth since you’re waaaay over the AS cap. More points can be taken from squad tactics to Conversion if you want more CC res. And, obviously, switching out the amulet and Bladetwister Signet to well-rolled MIs means more flexibility to focus on CC resists. To reiterate what I said above,

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Yeah, I have it MI heavy. If it is bound on Cadence on what you bind Assasin’s Blade? That should be on Cadence.

I agree that I’d much rather have assblade on cadence, in general. I bound it on blitz, which isn’t great tbqh.

Might make more sense to switch the two: Azrakaa on blitz, assblade on cadence. This then leaves Ulzaad on the movement rune skill and mirror on warcry (which seems fine to me).

I also noticed that you don’t have Mirror maxed out. Your version will have less uptime. I would guess even below 50 %. Azraaka will proc badly with all of them. You should pick up CT on cooldown for Aeon.

one of the bigger issues I ran into when running more phys damage heavy devotions was that I had too many good procs and not enough abilities to use them on. Azarakaa is great, but only if you can get close to consistent cooldown usage, which will basically only come through cadence.

Physical builds have problems with it unless you are a Witchblade.

I fully agree more points in mirror would really benefit this setup, I’m not sure how to hit 22 in mirror while also keeping at least 24 in cadence while not running an further MIs however. Itemization is always a fun balancing act :crazy_face:

I’m not thrilled about CT for proccing Hourglass and I think warcry is “fine”. With that said this build can totally spare 2-3 points for it.

You can’t.

I got sick of the low AoE of Cadence, so Im trying right now a Spellbreaker / Harra / CT, with Star pact and CT-medal.
Just around lvl60 yet, but I think it could be promising.