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Now that the original thread was closed and there are no guidelines to follow, we wanted to take the chance to be more specific about why it was so hard to be constructive in that thread (for me and my group).

1: because we play from scratch and don’t use any mods (not that this is an issue to for others to do so) it was hard to give solid data based feedback so close after the launch of the patch and the minimal amount of time before the afore mentioned thread was open.

  1. a lot of our builds suffer from performance issues because they are off the wall. As a result we can’t knowingly feel changes would occur because the build shouldn’t be functioning at a higher level when it’s intended purpose is to be outside of the box. We were likely thinking we would have been met with a “working as intended” or “your build is not going to be competitive”.

Build issues aside, there are still somethings that can be addressed that affect any/all builds who want to use certain things but don’t because their impact is poor.

This is not a post of us giving ideas. Z addressed the ring drop rates so that leaves Storm Box functionality and Targo 4p functionality of what we what want to see changed and how.

Our point (and we realize a lot of this has already been stated so we give those peeps credit)

Devotions: if you compare Wendigo to Scales and Bat…there is a huge gap here in usefulness. We don’t have ideas on how to make wendigo better but we definitely want to use it more often. On that note we wish DG didn’t feel so mandatory. We aren’t saying it should change (we don’t want to ruin the fun for others) but instead wish we could see equal performance routes in the devotion pathing that was more of you can do this and that as opposed to DG or bust. Dryad is good but feels hard to use. Falcon, reduce cool down nerf the damage or something. We want to use that. The skill procs that happen with block feel wonky. Don’t know if this is intended. With even 75% block and recovery, I should see a gagillion hammers spinning around me from Targo’s. It’s not the case.

Items: this is hard. We meme too much so any off the wall idea and/or conversions could break too many things.

We see an thread about auto attack relics. +1 from us. Oblivion and Yugol’s was very well received and it is used a lot with is via conversion and such. More items that mimic skills but weaker are so much fun. Items that change functionality (not necessarily add damage or conversions) in our eyes, is the very definition of game changing. We understand the argument of homogenization but I think there is more room for it before lines are crossed.

This patch has created a very positive environment in terms of build design. Between the 8 of us…there are at least 50+ builds we are throwing around with ideas and such.

There is more, I am sure that we will come up with but this was the most immediate thoughts. We will or could post more of this thread gets any traction, if not we spoke our peace and hope we are heard. We know that some of the issues are vague but they have been spoken many times by many others who have been here much longer and played more then us.

No matter how many patches are left, we are grateful to have such a great game.

I would like to see Bear and Bull redone. I never saw a build that uses them. Falcon could use something as well.

There was also some posting of phys cadence builds with mirror in this thread. I think the archetype needs some more love. Killing stuff with DW physical melee is not much fun. It is slower. And the build is not invincible in any ways. Even if you have mirror up 2/3 of the time, you are not a god. I have finished playing MC with it and now move to SR. I will post the results.

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that’s true cuz all phys procs are similar (what was said already) and work like a small AoE-nuke. And binding them to your main attack means that you sacrifice the ability to fast RR the mob; binding the proc to a CD skill means you’re wasting proc’s potential.

I suppose the root of all evil here is that the build is phys battlemage w/o -% RR, and this says everything. Witchblade, DK, etc do far faster due to RR’s.
And as for Battlemage, I’ve reached sth like 6:44 with Spellscourge set (and mostly due to converted perma-Devastation).

For other stuff - I’d suggest changing all summon procs on pet gear to “on attack”. Pet builds don’t kill anyone themselves so the summons don’t appear.

Perhaps some procs with massive AoE like Meteor Shower or Blizzard would be good for the devos. Phys builds are missing AoE. And redoing physical devos how they activate. It is hard to proc them generally with available skills.

Wendigo is fantastic, so I’m not sure where the disconnect is there. Bind it to a CD aoe ability like doom bolt or judgement and watch it proc on nearly everything under your cursor… or on something like bloody pox

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Or on something like Canister or Totems or RoH because everything converts from vitality these days! :beers: It should just give % all dmg not vitality and get done with it.

Bull is a-ok. Not much to proc it usually but the hidden oa and dmg from physique requirement reduction is good. Trauma is good on the proc (175/s iirc vs not much more in T3 Vire itself). 12/s trauma flat is also good for T1. It could support regular phys not just trauma, though. Or buff it for trauma because it’s maybe the weakest DoT currently (is it?)

What? /10chars?

ya1 meant that you can put more points into Cunning with Bull and gain OA and Damage as a consequence.

Yeah those builds with 2700 DA I just find insane…

Agree the stats are good but the proc is bad, and you basically said as much too. 32% WD is going to be heavily reduced by enemy armour, and a good portion of the flat phys too. After the armour penalty the flat damage part is more like 45-170 rather than 115-230, nothing thrilling. One of the weakest T1 powers overall.

I am not a fan of physical devotion powers having very low CD (and consequently low values) when it just doesn’t go well with the mechanics of armour, as well as being very hard to proc regularly.

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Bull is pure trauma devotion. It doesn’t even have %phys.

It has reduced physique requirement for armor. Meaning you can do more cunning dump.

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