[1. 1. 7. 0] Non-set insane dps piercing damage cadence blademaster

With the new Gutworm’s Mark and the Shadow’s Grip, Deadly momentum can reach level 22, also with the sinister prefix, the off-hand reaver’s claw can have 100% armor piercing. Moreover, Windshear Greaves and Kaisan’s Eldritch Eye make entrapment/freeze/petrify resist reach 80%, enabling high mobility.

GrimTools Link: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26LBmpZ

With Deadly Momentum and without Pneumatic Burst:

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By the way, none of the monster infrequent in this build is easy to get, I posted this just to share with you what my blademaster’s final form is in (after 3000+ h farming with only this character)

No… Just no sir.

That iron maiden shoulderguard imao

Are you sure it’s global? I thought it only affects the weapon that stat is on.

There is some sort of “increase armor piercing overflow” to the offhand, so yes, global, check the calculator!